What Vitalik Buterin Has to Say about Ethereum (ETH)

What Vitalik Buterin Has to Say about Ethereum (ETH) Midst the Severe Dips

Ethereum is still seen in a dip as the market is suffering from frequent drops and negative market trends practically since February after the crypto market in general managed to reach individual all-time highs in January.

ETH first dipped below the initial value of 200$ back in September, when Vitalik Buterin, the CEO and founder of Ethereum and ETH stated that he wouldn’t be surprised in case Ethereum went down to touch zero in the following period.

As this statement might have had a negative influence on already fleeing investors, Buterin doesn’t seem to care about the price of ETH at all, stressing out that the current price or any price for that matter placed by a crypto thicker doesn’t describe the progress of the project.

While many investors would bear to disagree, as ETH is still dipping currently at the price of 111$ per one unit, Buterin spoke at Devcon4 for Quartz where he shared some of his views regarding Ethereum as well as about blockchain in general.

Vitalik Buterin Claims the Companies Integrating Blockchain Are Doing it Wrong

While Buterin and Justin Sun went full steam with the Twitter quarrel where Vitalik Buterin called out Sun within a negative connotation, showing a well-known perky side of one of the biggest names in the blockchain industry, Buterin also spoke about Ethereum and blockchain in general in one of his recent interviews.

One of the most memorable statements from the interview is related to the case that Buterin considers to have become a phenomenon even is the blockchain boom within which multiple companies are going through blockchain integrations.

The problem with these integrations, according to Buterin, is that the mentioned companies are only “wasting time.”

Buterin believes that neither of these integrations is well thought through, stating that the best application for blockchain should be purely digital.

The CEO of the largest Dapp platform didn’t refer to any specific applications that he approves, solely mentioning “that thing in Singapore” as his favorite project without providing a clear insight on the name of the project.

The provided details describe the project as a blockchain based system made to validate university degrees.

Ethereum (ETH) Can Still Be Described as a World Computer, says Buterin

When asked about Ethereum, Buterin didn’t speak much about the current and frequently present dips in the cryptocurrency market but had stated that Ethereum can still be described as a world computer.

Buterin went on to describe the project as a still legitimate way of building and running applications (stuff, as Vitalik Buterin states) in a shared computing blockchain based environment that the platform represents.

Although he didn’t speak about what we can expect from Ethereum in 2019, it is a known fact that the team is aiming at implementing a reliable scalability solution in order to create a faster network that can grow exponentially with the growing number of users.

It was previously mentioned that the scalability solution that is waiting for implementation is most likely to be Sharding. Ethereum Classic (ETH) team and Cardano (ADA) with Charles Hoskinson on the head are also mentioning Sharding as their favorite scalability solution. 

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