Verge (XVG) Released Verge iOS Wallet Public Beta

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Verge (XVG) Released Verge iOS Wallet Public Beta

Announced in the latest development update for Verge network, dubbed update #13, one of the team members, Swen van Zanten, published a post on Medium, where he talked about starting off a new year with a majo0r update, referring to Verge iOS wallet public beta.

On January 4th, open beta version for Verge iOS wallet was released, as a product of what is said to be months of labor, after which the product is ready for the crucial point of testing the application as initially stated in the original post on Medium.

Verge iOS Wallet Open Beta Version in the Process of Testing

As mentioned in the original release on Medium, the initial plan is to start beta testing with inviting people on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to join Swen van Zanten in unrolling the project further from this point.

People on the listed social media platforms are said to be chosen randomly, while the contributor stated that once he is satisfied and confident with the system, anyone would be able to join public beta testing via a link that will be shared on that occasion.

However, only a limited number of people participating in public testing is allowed, although there might be possibilities that the initial number of participants might increase in accordance with the way the project will be moving at the time.

What van Zanten emphasizes, in addition, is the fact that none of the participants should transfer their entire XVG stash as the released version is only in beta phase.

Verge Wallet Service and XVG Wallets

Further, in the release, contributor van Zanten also stated that the team working on iOS XVG Waller has also been working on Verge Wallet Service during the holidays, stressing out that even though this milestone was not on the roadmap, it should have been in van Zanten’s opinion.

Verge Wallet Service was originally created by Bitpay, also used for Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallets, which means that it represents an equivalent to Bitcore Wallet Service.

For the past several weeks before the initial announcement on January 4th, the team made the wallet service work seamlessly with Verge blockchain, also announcing that Verge Wallet Service will be used for Verge Electron Desktop Wallet, Verge iOS Wallet, and Verge Android Wallet, making it an integral part of these products.

The service allows users to become hosts of the service themselves, however, as stated in the announcement, the documentation for self-hosting Verge Wallet Service is still in preparation.   


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