What is Verge (XVG) Up to According to Roadmap 2019?


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What is Verge (XVG) Up to According to Roadmap 2019?

XVG is once again dropping after a brief recovery during the last days of November after the Bithumb listing when XVG was able to acquire 22% of gains in the last 24 hours, previously skyrocketing by 40% in a day.

In the meanwhile, the team is working on a renewed roadmap for 2019, with some milestones already being close to completion.

What is Verge up to according to the renewed roadmap and what will 2019 bring to XVG through updates?

Verge Announces Renewed Roadmap for 2019: No Fixed Dates for Update Milestones

A few months back, Verge team revealed the renewed roadmap that should bring fresh updates to the network in 2019.

What is interesting is that there are no fixed dates set for any of the milestones on the roadmap, removing the responsibility from releasing updates in a timely manner and providing the team with less stress around deadlines.

This may allow the projects to develop to their full potential, not being officially restricted by a defined timeline, also protecting Verge dev team from criticism in case of failing to deliver on time.

However, the team is updating the public on the progress of the updates for 2019 in the spirit of sharing Verge vision in a more transparent way with the community and blockchain enthusiasts. 

  • Online Store for XVG Merchandise that allows XVG and BTC based payments is set at 90% of progress, looking at a completion probably already in the first Q of 2019.
  • Mining Update, which the next milestone ion line on the roadmap for 2019, includes XVGui Miner for Windows operative system, also working on the mining pool and crafting a guide for mining that would enable easy training. The project is currently at 75% of progress.
  • The team is also working on a new codebase that should match the new standards as set by Bitcoin. The project is currently at 90% of the completion as the entire system will be changed to match this update.
  • Verge team is also preparing Electron wallet for XVG. The wallet is at 80% of progress and should arrive with improved performance in oppose to the previous wallet. The wallet should also come with a simplified interface.
  • One of the most important updates on the roadmap is RingCT integration, which is a privacy feature that will allow Verge users to hide the amount of money of their transactions. The integration is currently at 35% of progress.
  • Another one of the more significant updates is the integration of RSK smart contracts that should add more to the value of Verge as a project. The team is currently investigating the integration and is at 25% of progress.
  • One of the last points on the roadmap is the release of the official iOS wallet, currently set at 40% of progress.
  • The team is also working on redesigning the Android wallet with plans to create a new alternative to Tor in form of IP2 layer that should enable anonymous mobile transactions. Still, the team is still exploring how IP2 can be implemented without present bugs.


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