Will Smart Adoption Strategy Bring Verge (XVG) to More Price Surges?


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Will Smart Adoption Strategy Bring Verge (XVG) to More Price Surges?

Verge (XVG) is taking the 46th spot on the list of all cryptocurrencies by its market cap, but being a privacy coin with numerous interesting listings, partnerships, and integrations, XVG is carrying a value that is keeping the project among some of the top in the blockchain space.

Verge caused a major hype back in March when the crypto had its first-ever crowdfunding campaign that was supposed to reveal the mystery partnerships that wasn’t to be unlocked until 75 million XVG units are collected.

Once it was revealed that the mystery partnership actually included a deal with MindGeek that brought XVG to Porn Hub as one of the available payment methods, many XVG enthusiasts backed with the hype.

Afterward, when Porn Hub added more cryptocurrencies as alternative payment methods, the entire value of the crowdfunding campaign appeared to have been not as valuable as before the initial revealing of the mystery.

However, since then, Verge has had some interesting partnerships that might be described as a form of a rather smart adoption strategy that might bring Verge to price surges.

Verge (XVG) and TokenPay (TPAY): XVG First in Line for Debit Cards

TokenPay blockchain startup is not hiding their intense partnership and mutual cooperation with Verge currency (XVG).

It is also a widely known fact that TokenPay was one of the main investors during the first crowdfunding campaign that brought Verge to their partnership with MindGeek.

But, perhaps the most significant agreement between TokenPay and Verge that might affect the adoption campaign of XVG in more than a positive way is the issuance of crypto debit cards that should be issued and supported by TokenPay.

Through the mutual agreement between TokenPay (TPAY), Verge (XVG), and Litecoin (LTC) the acquisition of a certain bank located in Munich, Germany, will bring XVG to its own crypto debit card.

While Verge should be the first crypto to get this debit card after a successful acquisition of bank’s shares, Litecoin will follow, afterward offering debit card support for more cryptos.

However, although the debit card project for XVG and LTC was announced months back, it is yet not certain whether the acquisition of the bank will be completed by the end of 2019, additionally slowing down the progress of XVG adoption.

Verge (XVG) and NetCents: Merchant Gateway and Credit Cards

NetCents is a rather successful company that is providing services for processing cryptocurrency based payments alongside providing support for crypto purchases through merchant gateway.

NetCents had made some valuable agreements that brought crypto charged credit cards to life, making cryptocurrency based payments available at over 40 million different merchants across the globe, which is at the same time enhancing the chances of adopting XVG as a payment method.

At the same time, XVG is made available to over 60 different countries and paired with 30 different fiat currencies through NetCents which allows the crypto to acquire more exposure in the retail market where there is a rising number of retails and merchants ready for taking the next step towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies as alternative payment methods.

With the increased adoption, the price of XVG is more likely to rise in the upcoming months; however, the entire progress of the adoption process seems to heavily depend on how radical the strategy of Verge is.


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