Verge (XVG) Increasing Exposure with Blockfolio Signal and Bitcoin Superstore


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Verge (XVG) Increasing Exposure with Blockfolio Signal and Bitcoin Superstore

The last day of November came as a positive surprise for Verge (XVG) with two different announcements from Bitcoin Superstore and Blockfolio set to increase the exposure of XVG and educate the blockchain communities on what Verge represents.

Several days earlier with the Bithumb listing announcement for Verge, XVG experienced a sudden surge in the market, at one point scoring around 40% of gains in a single day bull run.

Although many blockchain enthusiasts claim that the Pornhub deal did more bad than good to XVG, especially with having the adult platform adding more cryptocurrencies to their website and removing the factor of exclusivity from the addition of XVG, we can now see it taking on the recovery.

Verge (XVG) Becomes Available on Bitcoin Superstore

One of the main objectives of any cryptocurrency and ICO in the market is to acquire enough momentum to be able to get to the point where mass adoption is being brought up ahead at an accelerated pace.

The cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin, have been around for almost 10 years now, enabling fast and cheap, or even feeless transactions, so mass adoption of cryptos as alternative methods appears to be a natural course of development.

Service providers like Bitcoin Superstore are representing mediums for cryptocurrency-based payments, allowing cryptocurrency holders to put their assets to a good use by purchasing different products with crypto-based payments.

Currently, there are 12 assets available on Bitcoin Superstore, with XVG getting the official addition on November 30th.

Now that XVG is available on Bitcoin Superstore, the crypto is exposed to an increased momentum, which might affect its price in a positive way.

Bitcoin Superstore claims that the speed on the store matches the one on Amazon Prime for the ultimate experience of online shopping, also offering crypto-based purchases in over 200,000 different shops across the globe, including Amazon.

Verge (XVG) Gets Added for Support to Blockfolio Signal

Updates carry a great significance, not only from the technical point of view but can often affect the price of a given cryptocurrency in the market, just like listings, integrations, and partnerships.

The dev teams behind ICOs and matching blockchain platforms are usually keeping all updates transparent due to the open-source nature of blockchain-based projects, while Blockfolio Signal makes it easier for holders and investors to follow up with these updates.

Now that XVG has been added for support to Blockfolio Signal, all interested followers, investors, holders, and blockchain enthusiasts can follow up easily with all major announcements from the dev team of Verge currency.

That is how XVG is gaining more momentum in the market while gaining on the increased exposure which seems to be affecting the crypto in a positive way in the market as well.

Blockfolio is presented as a “number one portfolio tracker,” allowing users of the application to watch over any blockchain project they have interest in and which is available on Blockfolio Signal.

XVG users will as of November 30th, have a chance to download Blockfolio Signal application and be the first to get all new updates regarding their favorite currency straight from the dev team.   


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