Verge (XVG) Shares Development Update for Wallet Architecture


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Verge (XVG) Shares Development Update for Wallet Architecture

Several weeks before the rebound started to take place at the end of November, Verge foundation published an official release regarding the latest development of wallet architecture and wallet progress.

As Verge has been added to Bithumb during the last week of November gaining an increased momentum that brought it to over 40% of gains at one point, the team published an update to the community on how far they have made it with iOS wallet progress, Android progress, and wallet architecture.

Verge Announces 40% of Public Release Progress for iOS Wallet

In the official release on Medium shared by one of the team representatives, it is stated that the progress of the iOS wallet for XVG currency is presently at 40% of completion.

The team has brought a new change to the wallet that places a major focus on the back end of the application, adding features that would enable the overall creation of the wallet, also enabling real-time transactions.

The next focus of the progress for iOS wallet will be set on making the wallet more user-friendly with detailed functions for the top experience for XVG users.

However, the wallet won’t be able to reach the Apple Store before a private beta version is released, said to might have some bugs that would affect the system in case the beta would be released for public testing.

The XVG Team is Working on a New IP2 Layer with the Latest Android Progress

Beside from iOS progress, the dev also shared details on the Android wallet progress that started out several months before iOS wallet improvements.

With Android progress the team added a new interface for Settings, making it appear smoother and more user-friendly than the previous, also adding separate options for Tor.

Instead of Tor, as an alternative, it is said that the team is also working on a new IP2 layer in order to preserve the privacy of XVG users. The progress of IP2 is still at the very beginning while the team also didn’t share any specific details about the further development of IP2.

Verge is Adding a 3-Dimensional Structure for New Wallet Services

Verge is also working on changing the wallet architecture to match new wallet services, which means that they ate working on adding a 3-dimensional structure that would allow mobility for wallets.

To achieve this mobility, the team needs to add an abstract layer that would pose as a medium between the user and the blockchain ecosystem.

The wallet service would most certainly profit out of this improved architecture as the insight-API would add more to its value as this API would be running block explorer integrated with Core Node.

This API will then sync all addresses and transactions, making the communication between the user and the Verge blockchain a lot simpler.

In order to achieve this, the team would need to find a suitable way to implement Core Node into wallet services so that the users would be able to use the service immediately instead of waiting from 15 to 20 seconds.


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