When Will TokenPay Hosted XVG Debit Cards Happen?


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When Will TokenPay Hosted XVG Debit Cards Happen? Uquid Verge (XVG) Debit Cards Solid Alternative

TokenPay (TPAY) is a well-known supporter of Verge currency, being a valuable part of Vergefam community and an Angel investor for XVG.

TokenPay even provided a great support during the first crowdfunding campaign that Verge startup had organized for the addition of XVG to Pornhub, also announcing XVG debit cards back in april 2018.

The debit cards should become available with the completed acquisition of a Munich bank as stated in the agreement of TokenPay, however, till this date the only significant move was made with the entrance of Litecoin into the agreement, with LTC owning 9.9% of the bank. 

Still, the debit cards are enthusiastically anticipated. In the meanwhile, the faith of XVG availability through debit card payments is not limited to the agreement with TokenPay, as XVG became available on debit cards with Uquid months before the TPAY announcement.

When Will TokenPay and XVG Debit Cards Happen?

TokenPay announced their intentions with XVG and the debit card projects months back in the second quarter of 2018.

Back in April, only XVG was a part of the deal with TokenPay that included the acquisition of a bank in Munich that would allow the issuance of these debit cards.

However, Litecoin soon joined the deal, acquiring 9.9% of the bank and entering the agreement with TPAY and XVG. Still, XVG will be the first crypto to become available on debit cards through this service.

Eight months later, and TokenPay debit cards are still not available, nor is the date of issuance officially confirmed. What is known by far is that the team is still not able to complete the entire acquisition of the bank, which is the needed step towards enabling this service.

The team also needs to follow up with regulations that would make the debit cards fully legit and available for commercial use; however, the anticipation is most certainly killing the buzz among many investors.

Luckily, XVG is already available on debit cards through Uquid, which could be a solid alternative while the acquisition of the mentioned bank is waiting to be completed.

Uquid Hosted XVG Debit Cards Solid Alternative for TPAY Debits?

Back in January when Verge was scoring its record price with the rest of the uprising cryptocurrency market, and long before TokenPay announced their intentions of issuing debit cards for XVG and other cryptos, Uquid made their support for XVG official.

Uquid offers crypto-based debit cards for a number of cryptocurrencies which also includes XVG as of January 2018.

That means that you can use XVG and any supported crypto of your choice to pay your bills through this debit card, leave deposits, follow up with your balances and manage your funds in a secure way.

The debit card also allows purchases on major online stores like Amazon, also allowing paying for different products and services across multiple retailers in XVG which is safely stored on your debit card through the account you can make with Uquid.

The debit card provider, Uquid, also offers customer support for additional safety and managing of your account and XVG debit card, making it a solid alternative as the community is waiting for the TokenPay deal to happen.


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