Verge Adopted as a Payment Method by a Marketing Company

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Verge (XVG) Adopted as a Payment Method by a Digital Marketing Company

Verge (XVG) media representatives on Twitter announced another case of adoption for XVG on January 3rd, stating that Verge currency just became available as a payment method at Brandable Group.

Brandable Group is a digital marketing company offering services like design, domain purchase, Search Engine Optimization and SEM, while Brandable Group clients will now be able to pay for their services in XVG.

Verge (XVG) Adds Another Company to the List of Growing XVG Vendors

Verge foundation proudly announced several days ago that their list of Vendors accepting XVG payments grew by another business joining “Vergefam” as the community of XVG holders, investors and supporters is popularly known on social media platforms.

Although XVG has been going through a rough time in the bear market during 2018, still unable to get back to its previously set record price as 2019 arrived, Verge foundation is most certainly one of the blockchain projects with the greatest list of partnerships in the market.

As a contribution to the mass adoption of XVG, which is open of the ultimate goals of all cryptocurrency projects, Verge became available on Brandable Group which is a company focused on online development and branding, software engineering and development, hardware electronics branding, offline graphic design, mobile marketing and more.

Being one of the top privacy coins, Verge makes a perfect choice as an alternative payment method according to numerous businesses that now accept Verge through Vendors adoption campaign.

The adoption of XVG at Brandable Group is enabled by NetCents, which has been by far one of the main strategic partners of XVG foundation focused on mass adoption.

Brandable Group also announced the adoption of XVG as a payment method, stating that they are pleased to announce XVG as their cryptocurrency partner.

The Group emphasized that the partnership with XVG is due to collaboration with NetCents, Mark from team Verge Canada and Verge Foundation, describing the partnership as “new concepts for New Year”.

Brandable Group to Expose XVG to Perks of a 20-years Old Business

Brandable Group certainly has a potential of increasing the adoption of XVG by exposing the privacy coin to among list of clients, while it is said that the digital marketing company by far served over 12,000 different clients.

The partner company is operating successfully since 1999 helping hundreds of businesses with branding marketing and other related services, following trends in digital marketing for 20 years.

Now that the company is accepting cryptocurrency, it is evident that Brandable Group is adapting their business to the growing trend of cryptocurrency use.

In the meanwhile, Verge foundation released another development update on January 4th, this time bringing public beta version for iOS Verge wallet. After months of working on the release, the team will now be relying on the feedback from Vergefam. 


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