Users Can Now Shop with TRON (TRX) through CoinGate

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Users Can Now Shop with TRON (TRX) Thanks to CoinGate Support

After showing an amazing progress in the market, being one of the rare cryptocurrencies with positive returns for the past week, TRON foundation announced several more victories for TRX and Tronics.

Starting from recording 2.53 million dollars in transactions on January 4th, to acquiring a strategic partnership with ABCC, TRON announced getting a listing on OKCoin exchange on January 15th, also resharing the news released from CoinGate.

CoinGate is a payment service provider focused on the adoption of cryptocurrencies and their team announced on January 14th that users will now be able to shop with TRX in thousands of shops supported by the service, recording more momentum in addition to previously released announcements.

TRX Now Available for Shopping in Thousands of Shops Thanks to CoinGate

In the midst of a round of good news for TRON, CoinGate announced their support for TRX, stating that TRON has just become a new native currency thanks to the native integration to the platform that enables CoinGate users to pay with TRX in several thousand supported shops around the globe.

The service also enables integrations of cryptocurrency as a method of payment in shops and retails of various purposes, adding that TRX is also available for businesses that have interest in enabling TRX-based payments.

In the official release of the crypto service provider that the team representatives from CoinGate published the same day on their blog, the team states that although TRX hasn’t become a native currency of its own platform before May 2018, the company could note a major potential as the project is showing signs of rapid progress.

 The blog post describes TRON as a “valued addition,” adding that they are aiming at becoming an important part of TRX ecosystem by enabling TRON as a payment method to shoppers and online vendors.

As described by CoinGate in the initial blog post, they are supporting TRON in “rebuilding the World Wide Web as we know it,” also mentioning rivalry between Ethereum and TRON.

CoinGate Describes Ethereum and TRON as “Eternal Crypto Rivals”

Rivalry between Ethereum and TRON is often stressed out by the founder and CEO of TRON foundation, Justin Sun, as Sun is confidently inviting Ethereum Dapp developers to join TRON network, said to be offering a more scalable environment.

That is how TRON enabled transition for Dapps on Ethereum making the TVM compatible with ETH decentralized applications, and inviting EOS and ETH developers to migrate to TRON network.

In the meanwhile, Hoskinson believes that the SEC is already preparing for regulatory actions, where the CEO of ADA claims that the regulatory officers will have to prioritize the projects they need to examine first.

Charles Hoskinson claims that EOS (EOS) will most probably be in the first lines before the SEC regulations.


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