TRX Market Lists Nine TRC 20 Tokens Days After the Official Launch

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TRX Market Lists Nine TRC 20 Tokens Days After the Official Launch

Back on December 12th, TRON foundation launched a decentralized exchange called TRX Market, immediately listing three TRC 20 tokens with TRX as a trading pair and a native currency of the platform.

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON Foundation, announced that the new decentralized exchange arrived with a powerful engine, also announcing 0.1% fees on TRX Market only two days after the launch.

Additionally, Sun announced that by Friday, December 21st, all transaction fees on the new decentralized exchange will turn to zero.

Two days after the initial launch of the decentralized exchange, Sun also announced the listing of 6 more TRC 20 tokens.

TRON Foundation Launches the First TRON Network Based Decentralized Exchange

In accordance with the team who designed and launched the new, and at the same time the first decentralized exchange based on TRON network, TRX Market is a powerful engine designed to be user-friendly, convenient, safe and transparent.

It is also said that only days after the initial launch of the first DEX based on the TRX network, more users are signing up and creating accounts, having the exchange slowly gaining on its popularity only days after the initial launch.

The decentralized exchange is operating in the Caymans, functioning under the laws and regulations of the base territory while the team working on the exchange is located in Malta.

The team is confident that the new DEX TRX Market will become very popular and commonly used, which will lead to more decentralized markets opening on the TRON network.

The fact is that today, the majority of cryptocurrency trading is done through centralized exchanges, while digital assets by itself and their native platforms are strictly decentralized as the main characteristic of crypto entities.

The most popular exchanges like Binance are all centralized entities, while in the case of TRX Market, which is a decentralized exchange, users cannot interact with the exchange given that there is no central authority.

Instead, digital assets are maximally secured through a decentralized ecosystem that DEX represents, so the users can operate their assets and trade the listed tokens directly through their wallets.

On the other hand, it seems like some major centralized exchanges are already seeing perks of decentralization, so Binance announced the release of the beta version for the decentralized exchange demo the team behind Binance DEX released back in August.

TRX Market Lists Nine Tokens against TRX, More Tokens to Get to the TRX Market Exchange

Two days after the initial launch of the first TRON network based DEX, TRX Market, Justin Sun announced the listing of 6 more TRC 20 tokens to the list of 3 previously listed tokens.

On the date of the launch, TRX Market had listed BET, FUN, and GOC, all trading against the native currency TRON (TRX), while the founder later announced the addition of new tokens, also inviting interested parties to submit their applications in case they want to have their tokens listed on TRX Market.

The newly listed TRC 20 tokens with trading pairs are ANTE, AB, LEC, FCF, BFC, and WIN and are available for trading against TRX. 


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