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TRON (TRX) Leading by Gain: Latest for DApps and the Disappearance of the Tron-Casino


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Per time of writing, the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization TRON TRX is leading the pack by percentage in increase for the last 24-hours with 7.30% while being followed by Cardano (ADA) right on its tail with 6.74%. For the weekly trade, the pair TRX/USD had a similar performance as other altcoins from the top-ten list as BTC stretched out its dominance standing 5.7% in the green since the week started - which is not close the same for the following coins.

Source: coinmarketcap

The team behind Ethereum’s first row competitor - Tron Foundation (Tron TRX) brought to its followers and supporters the Sun Network. Right now, as introduced in the beginning of April 2019, it is one of the largest networks for deploying dapps (decentralized apps) - a 2nd layer scalability solution.

[The] Sun Network is a TRON scaling solution, incorporating a series of scaling projects such as sidechain and cross-chain communication [protocols]; DAppChain is part of the TRON side chain solution. Other details of the side chain solution will be announced later. - Marcus Zhao

The platform will be supporting the improvement of TPS rate or transactions per second rate parallel with raising the efficiency of smart contract execution - based on the announcing blog post.

DooTron - a Tron gambling decentralized application has disappeared the last week without any trace or explanation. Before vanishing, it launched its second game called Shoot.

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