TRON (TRX) is Going Towards Zero Transaction Fees

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TRON (TRX) is Going Towards Zero Transaction Fees as Transaction Volumes Spark

The founder and CEO of TRON foundation, Justin Sun, posted a brief tweet stating that all decentralized exchanges (DEX) should have zero fees for TRON.

Earlier on the same day, Sun shared the latest statistics from Coin Market Cap, announcing that in accordance with the global currency data service, TRX has 159 trading pairs across over 100 exchanges.

Sun is further comparing statistics for TRON with the number of trading pairs that the fourth-largest crypto, Stellar, has, stressing out the fact that TRON has more trading pairs when compared to the 157 trading pairs that Stellar Lumens (XLM) has.

Sun also shared an announcement on the latest volume of daily TRX transactions, stating that TRX went past 2.5 million transactions on December 13th.

Moreover, Misha Lederman shared the news, retweeted by Justin Sun, stating that TRX is marking the lowest low in fee transactions on December 15th.

TRX Goes Past 2.6 Million Transactions, First by Daily Trading Volumes

Justin Sun announced on December 13th that TRON breaks two records on the mentioned date by having over 2.53 million transactions for the day, also stating that more EOS and Ethereum developers are leaving EOS and ETH networks to come to TRON.

Another tweet followed on the same manner, this time posted by Misha Lederman and retweeted by Justin Sun, where Lederman shares statistic on the daily trading volumes of TRX compared to the five top-ranked cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

In accordance with the shared information, TRON had over 2.60 million transactions for the day on December 15th, while the top cryptocurrencies had up to 264 times less trading volumes.

Bitcoin had nine times fewer transaction volumes, recording 275,000 transactions for the day, while Ripple’s XRP had 4 times lower volumes by marking 633,000 on December 15th.

Stellar was trading 264 times lower than TRX on the same day with only 10,000, as Ethereum recorded 567,000 and Tether 14,000 transactions.

TRX Transaction Fees to Reach Zero by December 21st?

Misha Lederman shared another announcement that was later on shared by Justin Sun, where it was stated that TRX transaction fees are soon to reach zero.

As announced previously on December 14th and hinted by Justin Sun with the tweet that all DEXs should have zero fees for TRX transactions, TRX Market shared an official announcement that all trading fees on the TRON Market have been lowered to 0.1% on the date of the initial announcement.

Moreover, the market announced that by December 21st, zero fees should be realized for all transactions on the TRX Market.

At the same time, Sun released a list of all officially listed TRC 20 tokens that are now available for trading on TRX Market, stating that all interested developers can issue their own tokens and fil submissions for the market listing on the TRX exchange that is already gaining a lot of attention only several days from its initial launch.

That is how it appears that TRX Market is becoming another one of the successful projects fostered by the TRON foundation. 


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