TRON (TRX) Gets More Exposure to the US Market with OKCoin Listing

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TRON (TRX) Gets More Exposure to the US Market with OKCoin Listing

In a series of positive news announced on Twitter by TRON foundation and Justin Sun during the last seven days, a new listing emerged for TRX.

Announced on January 15th, Justin Sun announced a new listing for TRON, thanking OKCoin exchange for supporting TRON and inviting Tronics to the upcoming niTROn summit in San Francisco.

OKCoin is also based in San Francisco and should provide more exposure for TRX in the US market as the exchange is legitimately operating in the United States, unlike OKEx exchange founded by the same team that launched OKCoin back in 2013.

TRX “Richer” for Another Listing

A day after Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON foundation, announced that TRX broke another record on 14th of January with reaching 2.53 million transactions on the network in a single day, adding that over 30,000 new addresses emerged on the same day with a 24-hour period, TRX got a new listing.

This time, OKCoin representatives decided to list TRON as one of the available live trading currencies on their exchange, also announcing the listing from their official Twitter page and confirming the addition on TRX in one of their latest blog posts.

The exchange representatives also stated in the initial post on Twitter and on Medium that the deposits for TRX are enabled as of the time of the announcement.

In the post on Medium published by OKCoin exchange, the representatives announced they are happy to be listing TRX given the fact that TRON is one of the most active projects in the market, also praising the foundation for some of the partnerships they have made in 2018, referring to their agreement with NeoWorld virtual reality ecosystem and the Chinese-based Baidu.

As of January 17th, TRX will become available for live trading against three cryptocurrencies, the US dollar, Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

The CEO of OKCoin, Tim Buyn, also spoke for CCN regarding the latest listing of TRON to the exchange, explaining the reason behind the addition of TRX.

CEO Tim Buyn Says “Regulations are Very Important”

Regarding the case of listing TRX as the latest cryptocurrency supported by OKCoin exchange, CEO Tim Buyn, stated that regulations are very important as the exchange will never list tokens considered to be securities.

Buyn added that the team spends a lot of time working on compliance and legality as the exchange is operating under the laws of the United States, which means that it is important to make sure that a listed token won’t qualify as a security.

Buyn didn’t hide his excitement regarding the latest TRX listing, emphasizing that TRX passed the most important test on OKCoin, proving that there is a high demand for TRON and also concluding that TRX is “exciting”.

Moreover, the exchange uses Howey test in accordance with one of the previous rulings made by the SEC, making sure that the tokens they decide to list are used as utilities, have high demand and don’t represent securities.


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