TRON (TRX) Gamers Can Now Use TRX for Cuties In-Game Items

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TRON (TRX) Gamers Can Now Use TRX to Buy Blockchain Cuties In-Game Items

As of the recent case of events, TRON network became fully integrated with a popular blockchain-based game, Blockchain Cuties, said to be taking blockchain gaming by storm. Previously, some purchases for Blockchain Cuties were enabled with TRX units, also having enabled to unlock and access the game by using TRON tokens.

By far, the game is integrated with two more platforms operating with smart contracts, Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS), however, since the integration with TRON network is completed, Blockchain Cuties can now embrace the status of the first multi-chain blockchain-based game.

TRON Gamers No Longer Need ETH for In-game Purchases

The popular blockchain crypto-collectible game, Blockchain Cuties, finally completed full integration with TRON network, previously being available on EOS and ETH platforms while TRX gamers could only make purchases of game characters.

Now that Tronics can purchase numerous items and upgrades available in the game marketplace by using TRX, TRON players can enrich their gaming experience by using TRX for all in-game purchases.

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON foundation shared his own Blockchain Cutie character to support the latest integration with TRON network, purchasing a pair of rare pineapple shoes for his Cutie character.

Moreover, TRON is focused on building a scalable ecosystem for Dapp developers, claiming that more Dapp devs are leaving EOS and Ethereum to join TRON, as Sun claims to be the case due to another broken record of 2.53 million transactions in a single day with TRX.

That is why integrating with one of the largest collectible games in blockchain space is an important step for TRON foundation as the network will be joining the multichain ecosystem of players that Blockchain Cuties represents.

The founder of Blockchain Cuties, Vladimir Tomko, announced an in-game event describing it as an “interesting tribal experiment” that should connect all the players and allow the characters to interact on a new level.

Blockchain Cuties Announced a Major Battle Between the Platforms

According to the founder of Blockchain Cuties, the game will be soon launching an interesting experiment that will allow the players to compete against each other, also enabling battles and forming groups between players.

Players will be able to use ETH, EOS, or TRX as of the latest to purchase different items like potions, upgrades, and various items that can be used for advancing in the announced battle.

The community manager of the game Blockchain Cuties, stated that as TRX is now a native currency to the network alongside ETH, although it represents a general expansion to the in-game market place, also stands as a “rival” to ETH in a way.

TRON’s Sun is openly competing against ETH, aiming at bringing more developers from Ethereum platform to TRON network, which is why TVM is made to enable transitions of ETH-based decentralized applications that are made in EVM to TRON network.

In the meanwhile, TRON foundation is enjoying numerous presentations on niTROn summit that started out on January 17th in San Francisco and should be concluded on January 18th.


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