TRON (TRX) Foundation Unveils Major Plans for BitTorrent

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TRON (TRX) Foundation Unveils Major Plans for BitTorrent with New Live Streaming Service

BitTorrent acquisition was perhaps one of the most important moves for TRON foundation as the founder and CEO of the 8th-largest cryptocurrency project in the market, by market cap, acquired BitTorrent for 126 million dollars back in 2018.

Since the initial acquisition, the former BitTorrent CEO left his position, while Justin Sun took over the role of Chief Executive Officer at the company, stating that the original policy of the greatest data sharing platform won’t be changing.

Months later, we are observing Project Atlas revolving around BitTorrent unveiling as BitTorrent Tokens (BTT) are waiting for the start of the first token sale on Binance Launchpad.

Moreover, on the recently concluded niTROn summit, TRON foundation unveiled more details regarding BitTorrent project, announcing BitTorrent Speed and BitTorrent live streaming service.

BitTorrent Speed and Live Stream Service Out in 2019 if Everything Goes Well

Project Atlas was announced back with the launch of TRON mainnet back in the third quarter of 2018, however, not many details were revealed except for the fact that the project is focused on BitTorrent.

Months later, Sun announced the arrival of BitTorrent Tokens (BTT) that have the role of supporting fast downloads through rewarding seeders on the BitTorrent network, while the famous Torrent software for Windows will be available in the present form for users that are not interested in joining BTT-powered ecosystem for data sharing.

Moreover, on niTROn summit, Sun revealed that BitTorrent should launch live streaming service in 2019 in case everything goes well, as the founder of TRON emphasized in the original announcement on Twitter.

BitTorrent originally launched their live streaming services back in May 2016, however, the platform shut the live stream app down less than a year later in April 2017.

Justin Sun went on to say that TRON network will be playing a crucial role in connecting BitTorrent users, while Justin Knoll, the Project Atlas lead, noted that the arriving BitTorrent Tokens (BTT) will complement the rewarding mechanism, allowing users to download at greater speed.

This P2P computing power should also back the announced live stream service, which could lead BitTorrent platform to competing with streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix.

The Renewal of BitTorrent Live Stream Services

More than two years before the acquisition of BitTorrent that is now a part of big plans of TRON foundation and Justin Sun, BitTorrent presented their live stream TV service as introduced at the Boston INTX show.

Later in April 2017, BitTorrent decided to shut down the live stream service that offered 15 free channels, while the initial plan was to create a P2P live streaming service that won’t have time delays and would offer smooth streams on the largest data sharing platform.

It is yet not certain how will the newly announced BitTorrent live stream service look under TRON foundation, however, according to Sun’s plans with BitTorrent and BTT, it should support the idea of decentralized internet and the development of TRON ecosystem where BitTorrent already plays a major role.


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