TRON (TRX) Available on OKEx Margin Trading with New Trading Pairs

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TRON (TRX) Available on OKEx Margin Trading with New Trading Pairs

OKEx is one of the oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, and has just announced that now the 9th largest c4ryptocurrency, TRON (TRX), will becomes available on OKEx margin trading.

The exchange additionally created two new trading pairs for TRX, also making TRON available in another service hosted by the exchange, called OK PiggyBank.

Moreover, the community behind TRON is waiting for BitTorrent Token (BTT) airdrop, as all TRX holders should get BTT units based on their TRX deposits on exchange markets supporting the airdrop.

TRON Gets New Trading Pairs for Margin Trading on the Second-largest Exchange in the Market

Announced on January 10th in an official announcement by OKEx exchange, TRX became available with new trading pairs on margin trading, which means that OKEx users can now trade TRX against Tether (USTD) and Bitcoin (BTC).

That is how the launch of spot margin trading for TRX took place with the announcement, also stating that TRX margin trading against the listed pair has enabled up to three times more leverage, which means that users can trade with doubled balances based on loans.

As stated by the OKEx representatives, the exchange has interest in creating a better user-end experience for traders, which is why they have added support for TRX alongside two trading pairs.

Additionally, TRX gained support for a relatively new service by OKEx, OK PiggyBank.

OK PiggyBank was announced back at the end of November and in the midst of the market crisis, offering users to gain interest on daily basis by using digital assets they are normally holding instead of using, that way providing a new purpose for the balance held in your wallet.

OKEx traders can transfer their funds from their exchange account to OK PiggyBank in real time, while their daily interest will start counting from the second day.

There are no minimum limits for depositing TRX and other supported digital assets, so users can practically deposit any amount of their total balance to the PiggyBank.

Rewards will be collected already in the third day since the initial depositing, while it is considered that OKEx decided to add support for TRX margin trading to allow the traders to capitalize on the recent success of TRX as the crypto joined the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies in the last couple of days.

OKEx exists since 2014, altogether having some of the greatest daily trading volumes that often surpass 700k dollars on daily basis, currently ranked as the second-largest exchange according to Coin Market Cap.

TRON (TRX) Becomes Available for Trading on BTEX Exchange

On the same day OKEx announced margin trading for TRX, Justin Sun tweeted on another case of listing, this time stating that TRX became available on BTEX.

BTEX (Best Token Exchange) is said to be a global cryptocurrency contracts exchange and has announced that all interested users will be able to deposit TRON units on January 13th.

Trading against Tether (USDT) will become available the next day on January 14th, and withdrawals will be enabled on January 16th.    


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