TRON (TRX) Already Counting 142 Dapps After 3 Months

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TRON Foundation and Partners on niTROn Summit 2019: TRON Already Counting 142 Dapps After 3 Months

Announced weeks before the official start of the summit, niTROn, an event in San Francisco hosted by TRON foundation, finally took place on January 17th.

The summit is set to end on January 18th after a two-day event held by TRON foundation, partners and supporters that joined the summit to present blockchain, decentralization and TRX in the best light possible, also referring to a major success that TRON has made since the foundation launched the TRX mainnet.

Some of the highlights of the event judging by ecstatic tweets from TRON foundation and Justin Sun was the announced arrival of BitTorrent Tokens (BTT), new application for BTT protocol, BitTorrent platform, Dapps, and of course, the future of decentralization.

TRON Foundation Said to Be Marking an Accelerated Progress on the Head with Justin Sun

As a frequent user of Twitter and a regular updater on everything going on at TRON foundation, the founder and CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, emphasized in one of his most recent tweets dating from January 17th, that even though TRON was considered to be just another cryptocurrency project, the network is now counting 142 Dapps.

Pointing out that the initial progress was made in the course of only three months, Sun shared a link to a weekly report on the progress of various projects that TRON foundation is working on, stressing out that the growth of Dapps jumped by 25% since the last week.

Additionally, under the key numbers overview in the initial report released on Medium on the second day of niTROn summit, January 18th, it is stated that the growth is a positive side effect that TRON Accelerator brought with it since the launch.

The weekly growth of the number of Dapps deployed on the network is 20% according to the report, while there are 142 Dapps currently hosted on TRON network.

Based on the insights of a niTROn visitor and a fan of TRX and TRON, it is said that Justin Sun is predicting that the number of Dapps on the network based on the current growth is set to reach 2,000 Dapps in 2019.

Sun Wants TRON to Become a Widely Recognizable Brand

According to the interview Justin Sun had with Bloomberg, the founder and CEO of TRON foundation claims he wants to make TRON into a recognizable brand, adding that he would like to have TRX be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear about crypto.

In the meanwhile. Justin Sun announced that TRON accelerator concluded successfully with the last day of niTROn summit.

The price of 1 million dollars awarded by Accelerator to the winners of the contest will be distributed to 113 most prominent blockchain projects.

During the competition, more than 1,000 blockchain enthusiasts and Dapp developers are said to have applied, competing in various areas within Dapp development which included Artificial Intelligence projects, games, wallets, applications focusing on social media, transactions and more.

The winning projects are already deployed on   


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