How TRON Foundation is Securing a Bright Future for TRX in 2019


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How TRON Foundation is Securing a Bright Future for TRX in 2019

TRON foundation has been working on new projects at an accelerated rate since the launching of the mainnet that took place back during the ending days of June 2018.

After acquiring independence and declaring the official Independence Day for all Tronics (TRX holders and enthusiasts) TRON foundation soon announced Project Atlas, released TRON Virtual Machine and have also announced the acquisition of BitTorrent, which should lead to the establishment of the new decentralized internet in the future.

To match their plans for mass adoption of TRX, TRON foundation is also scoring some amazing partnerships, like the one with the internet service giant, Baidu, which should bring the crypto closer to the adoption as one of the ultimate goals of the foundation.

Here are some projects and partnerships that TRON started out with the launching of the TRX mainnet and which are set to secure a bright future for TRX in 2019 and beyond.

Project Atlas and TRON (TRX): BitTorrent and TRON to Bring More Seeds and Faster Downloads

One of the biggest projects that TRX foundation announced with the mainnet launch is Project Atlas.

Project Atlas is bringing TRON blockchain network and BitTorrent data sharing service together in order to bring faster downloads and more seeds through a peer-to-peer service that BitTorrent represents.

The project is aiming at bringing more value to the shared data and content through BitTorrent by rewarding seeders for their computational power in form of TRX incentives.

At the same time, this project should open a new economy without borders set to exchange the value through computing and data sharing where users can exchange resources in return for tokenized value.

Baidu and TRON (TRX) Partnership to Bring TRX to Mass Adoption

Announced back on October 15th, Baidu, the Chinese based internet giant, together with the foundation behind TRX announced their partnership with TRON.

TRON shared the same announcement back in mid-October, stating that the TRON foundation will continue to work with the giant cloud service in order to offer blockchain solutions and make the technology more available for users around the globe.

At the same time, the partnership between TRON and Baidu may affect TRX for better in the future when it comes to adoption.

Tron Virtual Machine to Encourage Dapp Development Alongside with TRON Accelerator

While TVM was released back with the launching of the TRX mainnet, TRON foundation just recently announced the start of a prize project called TRON Accelerator.

As Justin Sun appears to be interested in seeing Ethereum down, while looking for supremacy in the domain of Dapp development, TVM is even enabled to provide support for transferring Dapps made on Ethereum platform to the TRON network.

At the same time, the team announced TRON Accelerator with the idea of encouraging Dapp development on TRON protocol with TVM, offering 1 million dollars in prizes for 56 lucky winning contestants.

Dapp development is seen as a disruptive sector of the blockchain industry, which is why TRON’s focus on decentralized applications is on point and can bring crypto to the new heights in the upcoming 2019 and further.


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