Thailand Develops e-Voting System Based on Blockchain

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Thailand Develops e-Voting System Based on Blockchain

Even though cryptocurrency market is said to have lost -80% of the total market capitalization of all digital assets during 2018, blockchain technology is finding its way to adoption even within governments.

As reported by Bangkok Post on January 2nd, one of such governments in the government of Thailand as the country announced the arrival of the first Thai e-voting system based on blockchain.

The initiative of building such system was taken by the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center alongside the Ministry of Science and Technology with the idea to revolutionize the government-based systems for voting.

The Ministry of Science and Technology and NECTEC Develop Blockchain-based Voting System

NECTEC, which represents government organization based on the statute, is actually a part of the National Science and Technology Development Agency, closely collaborating with the Ministry of Science and Technology, where the main objective of the o0rganization is to promote development in telecommunications, IT sector, electronics, and computing.

The goal of the most recently developed voting system is to prevent fraudulent activities within voting as well as provide a suitable ecosystem that would protect the integrity of voting data.

The voting system developed by the NECTEC is said to be applicable on provincial, community and national elections, while the initials blockchain-based voting system will be used simultaneously with the traditional way of voting.

This is the case due to the fact that there are still targeted groups, not only in Thailand but elsewhere in the world, that are not particularly tech-savvy, thus still posing as digitally illiterate in a way.

Establishing the New Voting System Will Definitely Take Time

The voting system most recently developed by the NECTEC is also set to make voting and elections, in general, a lot safer, secure, faster, and more cost-effective as the voting process will only require identity verification and internet connection.

However, the officials of the government of Thailand claim that it will take time until every voter is able to connect and vote as simple as sending an email.

For now, it is stated that the mentioned voting system could be used for smaller groups of voters, which means that the system could be used for elections on universities and committee boards.

In the meanwhile, months back, the West Virginia’s Secretary organized blockchain-based voting where people from the armed services who are stationed overseas and far from home could vote, similarly to what Thailand government is trying to accomplish.

Back in 2018 during the mid-term federal elections, the State Secretary of West Virginia announced blockchain-based voting for the armed forces as successful, confirming yet another prominent use case for the foundational technology that blockchain represents.


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