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Slow but steady wins the race: Coinbase to add batched Bitcoin transactions

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The recent spike in bitcoin prices and the skyrocketing number of daily outputs has had a direct impact on the transaction fees and the congestion of the mempool. Despite the different solutions that have been implemented to address these issues, some of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry have failed to implement them.

After more than a year since Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, claimed that his team was working on batching transactions, the young entrepreneur recently stated that the feature will be added within the next few months.

Batched transactions are coming to Coinbase

In a twitter thread, Sergej Kotliar, CEO of Bitrefill, pointed out that the bitcoin mempool, which is where pending transactions are held, has seen a number of transaction spikes that do not clear out overnight, which could be related to traffic between exchanges.

Although the number of transactions in the mempool is significantly lower than in December 2017 when its size reached 135 million bytes and transaction fees rose to $50, an important percentage of the available space is being consumed by exchanges that are not optimizing their transactions.

Kotliar called out Coinbase for not batching their transactions even though in 2018 the exchange said and it was “actively working” on it. He also mentioned BitMEX, for putting 4MB of unoptimized transactions on the blockchain on a daily basis.

While some claim that this process is purposely done for the security of the network, Sergej Kotliar believes that exchanges must improve their bitcoin wallets so they are able to maintain a great level of security without congesting the mempool.

As the twitter thread gained popularity, Armstrong saw the opportunity to clarify that the company had been working on getting other milestones accomplished, but the implementation of batched transaction will be coming soon.