NEO Supports the Development of AI-Blockchain Virtual Girlfriend

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NEO (NEO) Supports the Development of the First AI-Blockchain Virtual Girlfriend

NEO is said to be one of the cryptocurrencies dealing with Dapps and smart contracts that are popularly called “Ethereum Killers,” while the network is also focused on the blockchain-based game development. 

Back at the beginning of September, NEO Game Development Competition came up with the result of the contest, while the competition started on May 1st, 2018 with submissions closing in August where game developers were competing for NEO blockchain integration. 

Alongside the founder of NEO project, Erik Zhang, other judges deciding on the main prizes for NEO Game Development Competition were Yongxin Liu, the founder of NEL and Wayne Zhu, the co-founder of NGC.

More than several prizes were rewarded during the competition, however, one of the prizes went to a game said to be a combination of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology, called NEO.Girl.

BlaCat Announced Open Beta Version for “the First Virtual Girlfriend” on Blockchain

While numerous rewards went to the winners of the NEO-hosted competition in different sectors and areas within game development based on blockchain, NEO.Girl game went home with 500,000 JPY taking the prize for the game with the most artistic value among competitors.

NEO.Girl was launched on December 27th, however, only having open beta version released as announced by BlaCat at the time, previously being chosen as one of the winning projects among 46 different entries.

BlaCat represents a gaming platform based on NEO network, which is where the mentioned open beta version was released.

NEO.Girl took Art Award out of the contest also earning the right to be hosted on NEO blockchain through BlaCat, while the game is said to represent a combination of non-fungible assets, virtual reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

The game is revolving around an entire cycle of a relationship with “NEO girl” named Luna. Luna represents an in-game entity that is said to have AI, so the users can decide which type of relationship they can have with “Luna”.

In the story of the game, which is said to be one of the main reasons why NEO.Girl took the Art Award, Luna was created by a mad scientist, doctor Wattman, who enabled the character to perform all human-like actions, as developers of the game emphasize that Luna is able to perform different tasks, like eat, exercise, talk and “everything that humans otherwise do.”

The experience with the character is driven by the user itself, which means that the relationship between a gamer and Luna can be either friendly or romantic, while the game also allows the gamer to create a male avatar in order to induce interaction with the main character, Luna.

The game was also announced on Reddit, however, not all Redditors seem to have a acquired a taste for the game, however, the game has a number of realistic features that describe an entire cycle of human life, from the start to the very end of the life cycle, also adding the possibility of genetic inheritance into the game, that way mimicking life and social interaction through blockchain, AI, and virtual reality.   


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