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NEO (NEO) Announced Developing Distributed File Storage

NEO (NEO) Announced Developing Distributed File Storage for Enterprise-level Dapps with NSPCC

At the beginning of December and with the ending of St. Petersburg NEO meetup, NEO foundation the NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center, abbreviated NSPCC, alongside sharing news on the developing of distributed file storage.

The NSPCC was founded in order to provide support to the NEO network and the broad NEO ecosystem mostly backed with the City of Zion representatives and supported by the Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain.

The competence center, NSPCC, will be driving the development of the distributed file storage that NEO announced with the beginning of December.

The final objective would be to send the concept of limited smart contract storage to oblivion when it comes to future NEO operations.

NEO Support Competence Center NSPCC to Develop Distributed File Storage

The competence center, NSPCC, which works on supporting the work and operations of NEO network, will be taking over the development of the distributed file storage that should remove the limit for smart contract storage.

The distributed file storage is said to be one of the earlier plans of NEO, representing s cornerstone of the network. The storage should allow users to store their Dapps, while the storage system will be working to keep the anonymity and security at the top level.

Perhaps the most important features that the distributed file storage should have, regardless of the type of Dapps, is compatibility with popular file storage service providers such as Dropbox for example.

At the same time, the team is working on an advanced architecture that should create limitless distributed file storage in order to suit enterprise-level decentralized applications, which would be the targeted group of the developing file storage.

The architecture should allow the storage to put a minimal pressure on the functionality of the network, which means that the team has found a way to have the file storage using the minimum amount of computing power, making it efficient through the implementation of homomorphic hashing.

NSPCC to Drive the Adoption of NEO in Russia

Besides from assigning a major role to NSPCC, the development of the distributed file storage, able to support enterprise-level Dapps, the role of the competence center will be to increase the adoption of NEO in Russia and work on the further growth of the NEO network and the broader ecosystem.

Another role that the competence center acquired is aiding in the development of the blockchain projects based in Russia, so NSPCC will work on the overall progress and development of blockchain technology.

There are already several universities in St. Petersburg starting their cooperation with the NEO competence center in order to encourage the adoption and application of blockchain technology.

At the same time, the Chinese-based NEO is getting more exposure in Russia and St. Petersburg.

Joining hands with RACIB, NSPCC will further work on securing new blockchain-based working positions targeting younger generations interested in blockchain development.

Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain, alongside NSPCC, will be driving the adoption of blockchain in the region, having NEO consequently gaining more exposure in Russia while NSPCC is working on adoption and the development of distributed file storage that should become a crucial part of NEO ecosystem.

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