More Listings for TRON (TRX) as Exchanges are Announcing Support for BitTorrent (BTT) Airdrop

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More Listings for TRON (TRX) as Exchanges are Announcing Support for BitTorrent (BTT) Airdrop

During the two successful days on niTROn summit that took place in San Francisco on January 17th and January 18th, the team behind BTT and TRON, as well as TRX foundation partners, shared success stories and new plans for the upcoming BitTorrent tokens that are set to support BTT network with fast downloading speeds in exchange for rewards for seeders.

After the summit was over, multiple exchanges started announcing their support for the upcoming BTT airdrop, while TRX even got several more listings and a new trading pair on Binance exchange.

Moreover, WazirX exchange and Koinex already announced their support for BTT airdrop in mid-January, and TRON got to see margin trading with new trading pairs on OKEx PiggyBank and a new listing on BTEX several weeks back.

Exchanges Are Announcing Support for BTT Airdrop

Starting from the official announcement that BitTorrent Token (BTT) will commence the first and official token sale on January 28th, exclusively available on Binance Launchpad, Justin Sun announced on January 20th that the official BTT airdrop is set to take place on February 11th.

In the meanwhile, TRON foundation received a public confirmation from Binance exchange on the head with Changpeng Zhao, on their support for TRX holders during BTT airdrop.

Binance is one of the first exchanges announcing support for BTT starting out with Binance Launchpad, however, since January 20th more than 20 exchanges and wallets announced their support for BTT airdrop in the course of only several days.

In general, exchanges declaring their support are also calling out on TRX holders to keep their TRX units deposited on the chosen exchange that supports BTT before February 11th and the block height 6,6 million.

Once the block height on the network reaches 6,600,000, a snapshot will be taken based on which TRX holders should get 1.1% of the total supply of BTT tokens. 

Exchanges and wallets that have already announced their support for BTT airdrop are Huobi wallet, Huobi group, CoinTiger,, WazirX Indian exchange, FCoin, OKEx, Binance, Bibox, Bitpie, CoinEx, Bithumb, Cobo Wallet, MBAex, Match Wallet, Upbit, Bitbns, Atomic Wallet, DragonX, BitForex, Elipal Wallet, Tokenomy, CoinEgg, and Bitrue.

New Listings, New Tokens and New Trading Pairs for TRON (TRX)

In the meanwhile, while exchanges were announcing their support for TRON’s BitTorrent Token on Twitter, TRX got listed on Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange and MCX Exchange.

MCX Exchange added TRX with trading pairs Tether (USTD) and Ethereum (ETH), while TRX is set to get more exposure to the European market with GB Digital Assets Exchange.

Moreover, besides from hosting BitTorrent Token (BTT) on TRON network, TRX market added another toke, African Trading Token (ATT) and Paytomat shared the news on the newly acquired support from TRON, stating that TRON foundation provided new features for token balance view on Paytomat as well as creating a new design for this platform made for enabling cryptocurrency-based payments for any business, in any sector or industry.


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