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Meet Vitalik The Rapper, Founder Dropping Bars…Justin Sun, Anyone?


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The cryptocurrency space has been focused on adoption, technology developments, price movements, and others. While the above mentioned are very important, it is also good to have some fun, after all, we deserve it periodically.

Vitalik The Rapper Sets the Stage on Fire

Vitalik Buterin has become a household name in the crypto space for his role in the creation of Ethereum and contributions to other aspects of the blockchain space. While he is known for his coding skills, little did we know that he has some hidden talents as a rapper.

The crypto space had to wait until this year’s EDCON conference to realize that Vitalik could have had a career as a rapper if he wasn’t that interested in coding. From what we saw at the conference, it is possible that he could still become a rapper when he finally decides to leave the blockchain space (which we hope is never).