Litecoin Becomes the Official Sponsor of UFC

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Litecoin Becomes the Official Cryptocurrency Partner of UFC

After going through a rough time during the November crisis, while the crypto slipped few ranks down back at the beginning of the second quarter of 2018 when LTC lost its long-held rank of the fifth-largest currency to EOS (EOS), Litecoin is still managing to keep its price above 20$, currently traded at 29$.

One of the latest partnerships might bring some additional relief to Litecoin as well, as UFC announced on December 27th that Litecoin (LTC) has become “the first official cryptocurrency of UFC”.

Even though it is yet not clear in which way UFC and Litecoin will benefit from the announced partnership, but still, the event set to present Litecoin as the first cryptocurrency partner is scheduled to take place this Saturday, on December 29th.

Litecoin Foundation Becomes Partners with Ultimate Fighting Championship

Litecoin foundation and UFC might not have much in common, however, as described in the official blog post published by the team representatives behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Litecoin and UFC are described as being “community driven”.

UFC also stated that the movement started off from baby steps, “tiny grassroots” as described in the official press release, towards becoming a global phenomenon, comparing the community that provided support for UFC to LTC community.

As stated in the announcement, Litecoin is to become their partner for the event that should take place in several days, called UFC 232 where the former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, will fight against Alexander Gustafsson, another UFC’s light heavyweight fighter.

That is how UFC announced that Litecoin will be entering the “world-famous” Octagon on December 29th, while they will continue to explore their options with Litecoin foundation in 2019 as well.

The representatives of UFC also stated in the official release that LTC scored many prominent partnerships during 2018 as Litecoin foundation also became the first cryptocurrency ever to sponsor such event.

Litecoin Entering UFC Octagon: Raising Awareness on Litecoin and LTC

From humble beginnings to becoming a world-famous phenomenon with a strong community behind it, UFC has millions of fans and supporters, which also comes as beneficial for Litecoin in this case as well.

As Litecoin logo will be displayed in the ring, LTC will consequently get increased exposure, also raising awareness on what cryptocurrency stands for and what Litecoin represents in and outside the world of blockchain.

Ultimate Fighting Championship team also stated that the most recent sponsorship from Litecoin foundation might turn into long-term cooperation, adding that they are looking forward to more amazing things with Litecoin.

John Edison, the director of communications and marketing at Litecoin foundation explained that the reason behind Litecoin entering Octagon on the upcoming event lies in the fact that the foundation is planning to continue their cooperation with major brands and companies even in 2019 as it was the case by far.

As Edison further explains, the next logical move for the foundation was to sponsor the world-known UFC as the first official cryptocurrency of such event.

Charlie Lee previously stated in one of his interviews for Bloomberg that LTC foundation will be focusing on mass adoption in 2019, which further explains the move of the foundation in terms of their partnership with Ultimate Fighting Championship for the upcoming match.  


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