Ledger Support for Cardano to Go Live After the Next Update

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Ledger Support for Cardano to Go Live After the Next Firmware Update

Even though Ledger Nano S announced support for Cardano (ADA), currently the 11th-largest cryptocurrency in the market, months back, promising to add one of the top cryptocurrencies to its wallet by the end of the year, ADA is still not available on Ledger.

It appears that many ADA holders already ordered and bought their own hardware wallets in hope that they could store their ADA on what is ranked as the safest hardware cryptocurrency wallet in the market, and Ledger hadn’t responded with support to this date.

However, a tweet from one of the Ledger buyers motivated by Cardano support announcement that came months back made Ledger state their final “delivery” deadline for adding ADA to the list of supported digital assets.

Cardano (ADA) Ledger Support to Come in Early January 2019

Vanamonde, a Twitter user and obviously a holder of ADA directed his post from December 19th to Ledger HQ, asking about the previously announced support for Cardano.

As the user openly stated that he bought the Ledger devise solely for the purpose of holding ADA emphasizing that the team is late with delivering the promised support, Ledger answered by stating that Cardano support should become official with the next firmware update.

The team behind the official Ledger HQ Twitter account shared more details about the next firmware update within an official release about the firmware that should take place in January.

The next firmware is said to come in early January representing version 1.5. As a consequence, the upcoming update will bring enhanced security, new cryptographic algorithms, as well as additional features.

As stated by the team in the mentioned tweet, Cardano support will be added with the new update already in several weeks.

As the official blog explains that the updated platform should allow the wallet to support a greater number of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, Ledger might be adding support for more digital assets after Cardano support becomes officially confirmed.

In the meanwhile, ADA is showcasing a bullish return with 14% of gains in a single day with the rest of the top trading cryptocurrencies scoring gains with the latest massive bounce off.


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