Justin Sun Says TRON (TRX) Breaks Another Record with 2.53 Million Transactions in a Day

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Justin Sun Says TRON (TRX) Breaks Another Record with 2.53 Million Transactions in a Day

During a bullish week in the market for TRON, when TRX was one of the rare cryptos collecting notable gains in the midst of a bearish market, ABCC announced their interest in listing TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens, hosted on TRON network.

Only several days after, ABCC officially confirmed becoming partners with TRON foundation and becoming the first exchange to list TRX-based tokens, and in the meanwhile, Justin Sun, the founder of the foundation and the CEO of BitTorrent, announced another record-breaking for TRX.

Sun Claims More Developers Are Transitioning to TRON Network while Leaving Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS)

With the upcoming BitTorrent Token (BTT) token sale and airdrop that should rewards TRX holders with BTT units, TRON foundation on the head with Justin Sun is sharing a great portion of good news these days, one of which is their partnership with ABCC exchange.

Moreover, Justin Sun announced that TRX broke another record with daily transactions, recording 2.53 million transactions on the network in the course of 24 hours as announced on January 14th.

In addition to having by far the greatest number of transactions in a single day, Sun added that TRON recorded 32,284 new addresses within a daily increase, concluding that the latest record is a result from having more developers joining TRON network.

As Sun concluded at the end of the initial post announcing the new record, more developers have migrated from ETH and EOS to join TRON.

This is not the first time that Sun is confidently claiming that developers are fleeing EOS and ETH for finding a better alternative, in this case TRON network, previously announcing back at the beginning of December 2018 that TRON “will build a fund to rescue ETH and EOS developers from the collapse of their platforms,” adding that the help will arrive for anyone who decides to migrate their Dapps to TRON network.

However, EOS is still recording the greatest number of Dapp users where the majority of Dapp-related traffic is directed towards gambling applications.

EOS replied to the mentioned post on the matter of funding Dapp developers, stating that the network “will be just fine” with a billion dollar fund their have in VC.

TRON Arcade Welcomes Epic Dragons Gaming Dapp as One of the Top Rated Dapps

Tron Arcade announced on January 14th that the newly released gaming Dapp called Epic Dragons, made by MixMarvelGame, made quite a success during the weekend it was launched.

Justin Sun retweeted the post where it was stated that Epic Dragons, hosted on TRON network, became the second-best ranked decentralized application across all Gaming Dapps in accordance with results provided by Dapp Radar.

In the meanwhile, Tronics are excited to have niTROn 2019 begin on January 17th in San Francisco, said to be one of the most anticipated TRON summits.


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