Italian Postal Service Turns to Blockchain with Hyperledger

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Italian Postal Service Turns to Blockchain with Hyperledger

Announced several days ago on January 29th, Poste Italiane, which is an Italian Postal Service, is said to have joined Hyperledger.

Hyperledger blockchain represents a well-known blockchain hub for enterprises and different industries aiming at using and developing blockchain technology.

Linux Foundation in the one hosting the blockchain hub, contributing to cross-border development of blockchain technology across numerous industries alongside tech giants such as IBM and Intel, financial companies such as J.P. Morgan, and numerous other companies from various industries and sectors.

As of several days back, Poste Italiane will be joining the community focused on blockchain development and hosted by some of the leading companies in their domain.

Poste Italiane to Acquire and Accelerate Blockchain Technology with Hyperledger

According to the latest announcement, Poste Italiane will be working “side by side” on collaborating on blockchain development with major companies such as Huawei, American Express, Deloitte, Cisco, IBM, Intel and more.

As the postal service stated in their official press release published in Rome on January 30th, the postal service has interest in joining Hyperledger collaborative blockchain hub as their vision and goals are in direct alignment with the postal service’s plan called “Deliver 2022 Business Plan”.

Deliver 2022 Business Plan is focused on acquiring and accelerating blockchain technology as the postal office is planning on using Distributed Ledger for their operations in the future.

Moreover, Poste Italiane representatives stated in their official press release that they are focused on providing high-end data protection, which can be succeeded with blockchain and utilization of DLT.

In this case, the postal service described blockchain as a perfect solution for security, interoperability, privacy and transparency.

Prior to the announcement made by Poste Italiane on the case of joining the Hyperledger community, the Italian Government introduced the first-ever regulations for blockchain technology and smart contracts in the country.

Blockchain Industry Regulation Amendment Waiting for the Final Approval

Only several days before the announcement from Poste Italiane and the news of having the Italian Postal Service entering an agreement with Hyperledger collaborative, a committee at Italian Senate decided to give a green light to the blockchain industry regulation amendment.

The initial amendment is the first of its kind in Italy and it has the purpose to address the utilization and development of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

In order for the amendment to pass and become effective in terms of regulating blockchain technology and allow legal document validation, making handling data much safer and cost-effective, the regulative proposition has to acquire approvals from the Chamber of Deputies, the Parliament of Italy, and Senate of the Republic.


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