Huobi Pool Announced the Launch of the First EOS (EOS) Exchange

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Huobi Pool Announced the Launch of the First EOS (EOS) Exchange

In an official press release published on December 29th on PR Newswire, Huobi Pool announced the launch of the first EOS-based exchange.

EOS blockchain and Huobi pool already have a close relationship as Huobi Pool represents one of the EOS super nodes, where the CEO of Huobi Pool stated that the exchange for EOS is the next logical step in their support for EOS project.

Huobi Pool is a mining subsidiary of Huobi Group and has been working with EOS ever since early 2018 while the launch of the EOS-based exchange should be the latest addition to the ecological map of Huobi Pool.

Huobi is Launching EOS-based Exchange in the First Quarter of 2019

After providing support for EOS through several projects Huobi Pool will be launching EOS-based exchange already in the first quarter of 2019 as announced in the original press release.

Huobi Pool participated in the building of an EOS test chain in collaboration with several other block producers, called Crypto Kylin Test net, built specifically as an ecosystem where EOS-based projects can be tested.

Additionally, Huobi Pool have set up and developed the voting platform for EOS, used for the super nodes elections, also setting up EOS community in order to raise awareness on the elections among holders.

Moreover, the Huobi Group subsidiary also compiled an animated series called “EOS 20 Questions” as a part of the super node election campaign.

Huobi Group represents a valuable strategic partner and supporter given the fact that the company represents one of the biggest blockchain firms in the industry with an accumulative turnover profit of 1 trillion dollars.

Huobi exchange, which is also a valuable part of Huobi Group, brings hundreds of millions of dollars in daily trading volumes, going over the average of half billion dollars per day, also representing the third top cryptocurrency exchange in the market according to Coin Market Cap.

Huobi Pool announced for the press release that EOS will be available for exchange against a number of currencies, however, they didn’t provide any further details on the upcoming EOS exchange.

Huobi Exchange Supports EOS in Their Derivative Market

On December 28th, Huobi exchange provided support for EOS in their derivative market where traders are said to be able to take short and long positions with the newly added altcoin.

As stated by the exchange, the derivative contract was made in order to address the demands of their customers.

The derivative market launched by Huobi provides traders an opportunity to make profit from bear markets and bull markets likewise, also supporting order limit, price limit, and position limit.

Makers will be paying 0.02% fees for trading EOS and takers will pay 0.03% of what they make.


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