Huobi EOS (EOS) Starts Trial Operations

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Huobi EOS (EOS) Starts Trial Operations

Previously introducing the concept of EOS-based exchange where EOS would be available for trading against a great number of currencies, Huobi Pool most recently shared an announcement on the official launch of Huobi-backed EOS exchange platform.

Huobi EOS announced that the launch of the exchange has become official starting from January 11th, however, the team representatives stated in the official release that the exchange is for now operating on a trial basis.

Even though Huobi is rumored to have meddled with super node elections on the voting system they have built and designed themselves for EOS, one of Huobi Group subsidiaries, Huobi pool, is most certainly one of the most valuable strategic partners that EOS has.

Huobi EOS Exchange Operating Crypto-to-Crypto Trading Only

EOS exchange powered by Huobi is just another one of numerous ways Huobi contributed to the overall development and adoption of EOS (EOS), previously working on promoting super nodes elections.

Huobi EOS stated in the official release on the matter of having the exchange starting with operations that for now the exchange focused on EOS trading will offer only crypto-to-crypto trading.

The team shared the link to the official website of the newly launched exchange adding that during the trial version, EOS will available for trading against Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Later on, as described in the release from Huobi team, the exchange will make more digital assets available for trading against EOS, while adding pairs will depend on reviews and screening of different digital assets.

The release was concluded by adding a note that assets EOS, BTC, ETH and USDT that are available on Huobi Group and Huobi EOS exchange are all connected through Internal Withdrawal.

That means that all Huobi users will need to provide authorization to Huobi EOS exchange in order to have their accounts activated for using Internal Withdrawal option that comes at no charge.

Previously, the CEO of Huobi Pool, Cao Fei, said that it was the only logical step to support EOS by launching an exchange focused on the adoption of EOS given the fact that Huobi Pool also represents a super node for EOS network. 

Huobi EOS Exchange Open for Trial Operations

Even though Huobi Pool originally announced the EOS-based exchange back at the end of December 2018, stating that the exchange should be launched somewhere during Q1 2019, the exchange was officially launched for trial operations already in the second week of January.

However, since only Crypto-to-Crypto trading is available for now, it is presumed that the team will introduce new currencies and assets by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

As described on the home page of the newly launched exchange, the main objective is to help the development of EOS ecosystem, while enabling secure and reliable trading.

The exchange is also said to enhance the liquidity of EOS-related digital assets, also providing support for EOS traders.


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