HTC Exodus Adds Support for Litecoin (LTC)

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New Crypto Phone HTC Exodus Adds Support for Litecoin (LTC)

Charlie Lee, the CEO  and the creator of Litecoin (LTC), which is the first Bitcoin fork ever, announced that he has had a talk with Phill Chen, who is at the position of Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC at Slush 2018 on December 6th, in Helsinki.

At the event, the chief officer of HTC’s decentralized department and the founder of Litecoin had a chance to talk about the latest “crypto” phone, called HYC Exodus.

HTC Exodus is designed and made especially for cryptocurrency users as it puts operating with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at ease.

The phone also comes with a built-in hardware wallet with private key and password back up to prevent lost and stolen funds through social key recovery feature, and perhaps the greatest part of the deal for crypto enthusiasts when it comes to this new phone is the fact that HTC Exodus will be supporting cryptocurrencies.

Charlie Lee confirmed at Slush 2018 that Litecoin will get support from the new HTC Exodus, while interested enthusiasts will be able to purchase HTC Exodus within a presale event where buyers would be able to purchase the product in Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Litecoin Coming to HTC Exodus: Other Cryptocurrencies to Get Support as Well

HTC Exodus is coming and all interested crypto enthusiasts will have a chance to buy the product before the official release to the stores with the possibility of using Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum as a payment method.

Not only that the new HTC Exodus accepts crypto-based payments, but it also has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

The name of the wallet is Zion, and the users should be able to store Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and different ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

The wallet also enables a brand new storage method that includes the social key recovery in order to prevent having missing funds in case your phone is lost or stolen in any case.

Phill Chase, the chief officer stated that only users of HTC Exodus have exclusive rights to their private keys and information, where users are protecting through a decentralized concept and enabled to carry their digital lives in their pocket with HTC Exodus the same way people carry their phones every day.

Charlie Lee shared his opinion on the addition of Litecoin to HTC Exodus by stating that his vision for Litecoin always included LTC as a widely distributed currency and having Litecoin used as a fast and cheap method for transacting value.

Lee believes that HTC Exodus will expand the cryptocurrency technology and bring cryptos closer to a wider usage around the globe while offering ultimate security and privacy with the new crypto-focused phone by HTC.

Despite active adoption campaigns and solid adoption strategies, Litecoin is still dipping at an accelerated rate, now trading below the initial price of 30$. In the meanwhile, driven by the dips, LTC went from the 5th spot on the list as one of the top five currencies at the beginning of 2018 to declining to become the 9th largest crypto in the last weeks of 2018. 


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