How Far Has ADA Come with Byron Phase?

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Cardano (ADA) Technical Progress: How Far Has ADA Come with Byron Phase?

Cardano network has gone through some significant changes with the latest update that came out on December 4th when the teams behind ADA and Cardano ecosystem represented the latest progress update for December.

At the same time the latest updates to the wallet and the updated PoS now designed to represent the first privacy-preserving Proof of Stake protocol, further making the protocol immune to attacks, make up for the last Cardano update for 2018.

Cardano is currently in the last stages of Byron phase, set to soon move onto Shelley, so how far has Cardano come with Byron and what can we expect from Cardano in 2019 with the upcoming updates?

Cardano Still Working with Byron, Shelley Progress Next on the Roadmap

The teams behind ADA compiled the latest progress update in form of written announcements and a representational video material where one of the team representatives is talking about the latest updates that went out on December 4th.

On the official website of Cardano (ADA) the next update for the network is scheduled to take place in less than a month, at the same time representing the first update for 2019.

Furthermore, the team stated that Cardano is still in Byron phase, where crucial improvements are being made.

The team released the first privacy-preserving Proof of Stake; however, the team stated that there are cases of bugs calling for attention. In the meanwhile, the team also wants to improve the design of Daedalus wallet, also aiming at creating API that would be suitable for third-party integrations.

Once these changes are made in Daedalus, the team is said to move into Shelley from the current bootstrap stage dubbed Byron phase.

Shelley to Arrive After the Daedalus Updates: Stability and Interoperability Incoming

Once the changes on Daedalus are made, the team will be progressing from Byron stage to Shelley where the network is said to become decentralized.

Up from that point, the team is set to bring stability, interoperability and settle governance for Shelley.

It is said within the update roadmap for 2019 that Cardano would be able to acquire more complexity, while the network should become interdependent conditioned with the improved infrastructure.

One of the most important milestones mentioned in the latest roadmap update is changing and modifying existing smart contract models, where it is further stated that the leading minds in programming languages are set to improve the platform and the present smart contract models.

The team working on improving smart contract operations, programming languages, and models, is set to improve setbacks found in smart contract operations on Ethereum, aiming to make Cardano network into a superb and complete platform of the future third-generation cryptocurrency that ADA is aiming to become.

Since teams behind Cardano are working full steam to bring new changes and crucial updates to the network, ADA ecosystem is becoming more complex as the crypto is taking a rise against the dollar at the end of the first week of December. 


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