Facebook Posts Job Vacancy for Senior Lawyer With Blockchain, Payments Experience

Facebook is seeking to hire a senior lawyer with experience in both blockchain and payments, a job description uploaded to its website this week confirms.
Facebook, which has hinted about plans involving blockchain, cryptocurrency and payments across its social media ecosystem, now wants a Lead Commercial Counsel to guide the rollout of new offerings.
“You will be responsible for drafting and negotiating a wide variety of contracts related our blockchain initiatives, including partnerships needed to launch new products and expand such products internationally,” the job description reads. It continues:
“You will also advise clients on the various legal risks, business strategies and other issues related to commercial transactions and general operations.”
Yet another large technocratic company that is going full-on into the crypto and blockchain space. It is very likely that we will see these companies make larger investments in pushing their brand of implementation of this product. Unfortunately, this may not be the best for this space and it’s original intentions.
Facebook caught the attention of the media late last month when the New York Times reported the company was seeking support for its potential future token, “Facebook Coin.”
The token, which sources claim may even appear within the first half of this year, would be a cross-platform initiative for payments, also involving Instagram and Whatsapp.
For this technology to really stay the solution to our monetary problems, it should remain free of central powers. With the move towards these new digital platforms and the desire for these large corporations to monetize them, it is unlikely that this will happen.

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