Waiting for Ethereum Serenity: When Will Sharding Happen?


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Waiting for Ethereum Serenity: When Will Sharding Happen?

Ethereum first appeared on the crypto scene back in 2015, bringing the largest Dapp creation platform and the idea of smart contracts to the cryptoverse. The project is still considered to be one of the tops although the latest dips cost Ethereum (ETH) the second rank on the list of top trading currencies.

However, it appears that as ETH started to dip from its peak of nearly 1450$ and with the fiasco with Crypto Kitties, the blockchain game that managed to slow the entire Ethereum network, that devs started to realize that Proof of Work has to be replaced with a more efficient protocol.

The next version of Ethereum, which is being hyped for months already and which will probably stay in the center of attention for months and years to come, should bring major changes to the network, also resolving the scalability problem.

As many have already heard, Sharding protocol and the combination of Casper and Proof of Stake should enable a scalable network for ETH and Ethereum platform.

When will Sharding happen and how will Ethereum acquire scalability?

Sharding Implementation Less Likely to Happen Before 2020

The impatience of ETH enthusiasts is most definitely visible as many are criticizing the time taken to complete the new changes that will take Ethereum to the next stage, dubbed Serenity or otherwise known as Ethereum 2.0.

However, the reality is that the teams working in the new version of Ethereum are working full steam, encountering challenges and brainstorming new ideas that could potentially set conditions for another boom for Ethereum that may come with the upcoming changes.

The changes are said to be more than radical since there are lots of things said to be in the process of modification, having ETH adding a zero-knowledge protocol, Sharding for acquiring a scalable network, Casper and Proof of Work to enable Sharding implementation, cross-shard instant payments, and more.

That is why Sharding implementation in accordance with the roadmap won’t take place until 2020, as the team needs to address all potential case scenarios that might appear with the pending changes being implemented.

In the meanwhile, devs claim that the Serenity progress is doing just fine as the first stage of the new Ethereum version should already be released in 2019.

The phase that should arrive in 2019 is dubbed as phase zero, representing the beacon chain that is supposed to represent the side chain for the implementation of Proof of Stake and Casper.

The first phase, which is the implementation of Sharding, should arrive exactly one year later, in 2020.

The phase number two, which is EVM, should be released in 2021.

What Changes Will Serenity Bring to Ethereum?

Serenity is the next and the biggest development phase of Ethereum network and should come with scalability solution as one of the top updates for the platform.

Besides from implementing Sharding, the dev teams working on Serenity will bring faster transaction validation with faster processing times for all transactions, a highly scalable network, changes Proof of Work for a much efficient Proof of Stake, and is said to be able to fix all “scalability shortcomings” that Ethereum is facing in the present.   


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