Ethereum-based Game to Become Available with Tech Giant Sony


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Ethereum-based Game to Become Available with Tech Giant Sony

Although there are many presumptions that the price of Ethereum is actually dropping because a great number of developers decided to look for a more scalable ecosystem for Dapp creation, one of the Ethereum-based games was announced to become available with Sony.

The Japanese tech giant Sony has already entered the waters of blockchain technology back when the company partnered with yet another tech giant interested in blockchain, IBM.

It is already a known fact that IBM partnered a blockchain startup Stellar Lumens (XLM) while the company is set on launching “the first stable coin” that will run on blockchain as ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

Simultaneously, Sonny shared an announcement on the matter of designing a blockchain based product for education data after partnering with the tech giant IBM.

What might be even more important when it comes to the interesting collision of the tech company Sony and their experimenting with blockchain is the announcement that came out back on October 15th.

Back at the time, Sony revealed that their team is working on creating digital rights management with the help of blockchain which should have the purpose of managing data related to the information of written works.

Only a month later, an Ethereum-based game was announced to become available with Sony.

Ethereum-based Plague Hunters Blockchain Game to Become Available on Blockchain

It was announced around November 20th that a game called Plague Hunters will become available with Sony. What is interesting about this game is the fact that this is a blockchain-based game that should become a part of freemium model games offer available for Sony.

This is at the same time a valid proof that Ethereum network can host a game worthy of addition to one of the largest names in the industry of gaming that Sony represents.

Sony is known to have strict rules for approving the games which is probably why the company has stayed for so long on the top of tech and gaming industries, making Plague Hunters the first ever Ethereum-based game to become available with Sony.

The game will be offered as a free play, however, the players would be able to buy in-game items.

In order to enable purchasing of in-game items for the game, Plague Hunters will be integrated with Ethereum blockchain through a peer-to-peer market, that way acquiring the full ownership of the bought game items.

Blockchain-Based Game Marketplace Supported by Ethereum, But Plague Hunters Will Not Blockchain-Based

Although the Ethereum-backed game Plague Hunters was announced the support for the Ethereum-based marketplace, the game itself won’t run on blockchain for players.

Instead, the game is designed to fit the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 consoles, while the marketplace enabling in-game purchases will be supported by Ethereum network.

The game was created by video makers based in New York known as Arcade Distillery and should be out in the first quarter of 2019.

Even though the game is not actually running on the blockchain, the fact that Ethereum network will provide support through enabling a peer-to-peer marketplace for Plague Hunters goes in favor of blockchain technology and ETH of course.   


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