Ethereum (ETH) Foundation Backs the Blockchain Course

Ethereum (ETH) Foundation Backs the Blockchain Course at the University of Tokyo

Ethereum team is most probably one of the blockchain dev teams that know that even the cryptocurrency market is declining for a prolonged time already, having the dips still present on December as well, as the show must go on for something which is said to be far more valuable than thicker prices in the market – blockchain.

In the spirit of educating the public on the topic of blockchain technology, this time through an advanced course, Ethereum was one of the donators alongside Sumitomo Mitsui for opening a blockchain course at the University of Tokyo.

Besides from Ethereum and the banking giant from Japan, Sumitomo Mitsui, the blockchain course has been funded by Zipper Corp, JSS Corp, Hotlink Co., Good Luck Three, and Money Forward Incorporation. 

Blockchain Innovation Donation Course Backed by Ethereum and Other Donations towards Further Blockchain Development

Ethereum might be dropping in the market while having a hard time getting back to the value of over 200$ per one unit, however, the team couldn’t care less about the price of ETH in the crypto market as it is a general opinion among the ETH devs that the current price does not describe the development of Ethereum network.

Since the development of blockchain is what matters at Ethereum foundation, the foundation alongside Sumitomo Mitsui, Money Forward Incorporation, Zipper Corp, Hotlink Co., JSS Corp, and Good Luck Three have donated 800,000$ to the University of Tokyo.

The University of Tokyo will use the major fund of 800,000$ until October 2021 when the blockchain course should end.

The course dubbed Blockchain Innovation Donation Course started on November 1st and should last until October 2021 within the engineering school at the University of Tokyo, where the main focus will be placed on cultivating blockchain entrepreneurs.

At the same time, the need for this kind of course at any university, in the case in Tokyo, indicates that blockchain is truly a fundamental technology that this already developing at great speed.

Training the Future Blockchain Entrepreneurs at the University of Tokyo

The main goal of the course will be to nurture and develop skills that can be found at students who have extraordinary talent in information mathematics. These students would have to be focused on the business part of the blockchain as well because the purpose of the course is to have the first graduated blockchain entrepreneurs within their engineering school.

The main focus of the course will be to learn how to best implement blockchain and what decentralized networks represent in its core while teaching the future blockchain entrepreneurs how to socially implement blockchain.

Ethereum isn’t the only blockchain project supporting the development and education in blockchain technology by major funds, as Ripple Labs also donated 50 million dollars in order to fund and support 17 universities that have created what is now known as University Blockchain Research Initiative.

However, although these blockchain companies are actively participating in the global development of blockchain technology, the market is still marked with bear trends and severe dips where Ethereum is having a rough time trying to bounce back up.

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