Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Fork Now Supported by Over 20 Exchanges

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Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Fork Now Supported by Over 20 Exchanges

Constantinople fork is one of the most anticipated updates to Ethereum network and should take place once the block height reaches 7,080,000.

The fork has the objective of smoothening the network for the upcoming transition from PoW for Proof of Stake, which will gradually lead to forming Ethereum 2.0, also known as Serenity.

Serenity should come with enhanced scalability and faster confirmations for transactions, and the fork is expected to happen around 40,000 blocks away, which means that the Constantinople update should be expected around January 16th.

By January 13th, already over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges announced and confirmed their support for the upcoming fork.

Ethereum Fork Gets Support from More Exchanges After Koinex, Huobi and OKEx

The first exchange to support the upcoming Constantinople fork was at the same time the top cryptocurrency exchange market according to Coin Market Cap, Binance.

After Binance confirmed their support already at the beginning of the month, more exchanges followed, so Koinex, Huobi and OKEx announced their support for the fork as well.

As described in the original announcements regarding the fork support, the exchanges will take snapshots of all ETH accounts once the block height reaches its target, also providing the technical support for the fork as users do not have to go through any special preparation.

All technical requirements leading to transition will be handled by the supporting exchanges.

Additionally, during the next week since the announcement from OKEx, Huobi and Koinex, more exchanges joined the support, now counting over 20 exchanges in support of Constantinople.

One of such exchanges is the London-based top exchange, CEX.IO, which confirmed to support the fork, stating that the team behind the exchange is making the needed technical adjustment with the focus on the security of users’ accounts.

Besides from CEX.IO, the fork is supported by OKCoin, Bittrex, IDAX, BitMart, BiBox, Cryptopia, EtherFlyer, HotBit, WazirX, BitForex, Catex, Indodax, ABCC, Exodus Wallet, Catex, and TOK.

In the meanwhile, it is presumed that more exchanges will be joining the list of supporters preparing to meet the upcoming Ethereum update.

All ETH Users Due to Accept the Upcoming Changes

Unlike the update that followed the infamous DAO faulty that brought Ethereum Classic (ETC) to the scene, the upcoming changes arriving with Constantinople are non-contentious.

That means that all ETH users will have to agree with the pending changes and follow the new agreement.

Furthermore, ETH holders are not required to take any special preparation as the exchanges supporting the fork will take care of the technical part of the fork, which should condition a peaceful transition to the next update.

On the other hand, users are due to deposit their ETH to the accounts on supported exchanges, as processing deposits can take some time, urging all users to deposit their ETH before the fork takes place.

Judging by all included factors, the Constantinople fork should go by as drama-free and almost undetected by the users, while the network will be prepared to take on the next phase, which is acquiring a more scalable environment backed by Proof of Stake.   


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