Ethereum Classic (ETC) to Be Listed on Coinbase Hoists the Price

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The 15th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is playing against all market-cards today. Despite almost all coins suffering under the grasp of heavy bear claws, ETC is on the green. The pair ETC/USD is gaining 2.53% in the last 24-hours reversing the price back to $17.62.

Listing Impacting ETC Price

Even that the increase could be very miniature to the bigger market picture, it is clarifying that ETC could initiate a free-run against the sellers. The only reason that might be backing up the coin behind this excellent performance is its speculation on Coinbase listing.

Coinbase has confirmed that the move will happen sooner or later, but when it is still not clear for anybody. It is much expected that an announcement related to the listing will happen during this month, however it will be not of a long notice.

This decision caused a stir on social networks from both fans and skeptics. While many ETC supporters were enthusiastic about the news, others were disappointed as they saw ETC as a “dead currency.” Even some users were confused about the decision.

As it usually happens when more used and famous platforms like Coinbase list a coin, it is predicted that a boost of price will enter the place as it will invite more mainstream and institutional interest in the crypto.

Even that the listing will happen, stay sharp, trade carefully and do not overtrade. The coin is attracted very much towards volatility and investments should be well thought. But, keep your radar on on ETC as it could turn out a good wallet diversification choice.

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