EOS VC Rewards GeneOS with 500,000$

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EOS VC Rewards GeneOS with 500,000$ on the Last Day of EOS Global Hackaton

EOS Global Hackaton that took place in Cape Town, ending on December 7th, ended with the winning project GeneOS taking the main reward of half million dollars for their “secure computing platform for genomic-focused data”.

The reward was provided by EOS VC venture capital company, which is specifically focused on the development and support for projects that are being developed on the EOS.IO network.

EOS VC was founded by Block.one, the dev team behind EOS and EOS network, and the main goal behind this unique venture capital supported by Block.one is to increase the adoption of blockchain technology around the globe.

That way the network behind EOS is also going through an accelerated expansion while encouraging adoption and development of blockchain-based projects.

EOS VC Rewards Genomic Data Project called GeneOS

With the last day of EOS Global Hackaton in Cape Town, EOS VC, the venture capital business unit founded by Block.one dev team rewarded the winners with 500,000$ for the development of GeneOS.

GeneOS is a secure computing platform and marketplace with data ownership powered by blockchain with the main focus on human genomes and genomic data.

According to the team behind the awarded project that took home half million dollars for the development of the genomic data focused computing platform, the project started from the idea that over 99% of human genomes are still representing a mystery to us even today when technology is being rapidly developed.

GeneOS thus have the main objective to “help humanity understand DNA to cure diseases,” which could eventually make this project one of the groundbreaking in the sector of blockchain and outside the industry.

According to the team, many people who could participate in genome studies are faced with the obstacle if not having any motivation to actually agree to genome sequencing.

This is where GeneOS blockchain computing platform comes into the picture. As one of the main obstacles is the fact that genome sequencing is rather expensive, and where privacy concerns are also preventing people from participation in more advanced DNA studies that would help humanity.

By learning more about genomes, the project hosted on EOS and funded by EOS VC could help cure diseases, making it one of the most prominent projects on EOS.IO.

EOS.IO to Help Solve Real-Life Problems with Blockchain Use Cases

Although the cryptocurrency market seems to be sinking with the frequent dips, blockchain technology seems to be experiencing increased adoption across numerous industries.

Head of Developer Relations at Block.one, Serg Metelin, stated that the team is happy that EOS is able to solve real-life problems, adding that Hackaton showed through various participants how blockchain can be used for everything “from last-mile delivery to solar energy trading.”

Participants with different projects could present their projects and compete for the half-million dollars prize that GeneOS took for their computing platform that should help humanity learn more about genomes in order to be able to treat genetic diseases.

This way, EOS.IO, and EOS VC business unit are contributing not only to the development and growth of EOS network but are also participating in the global revolution of blockchain technology integrations.


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