EOS (EOS) Roadmap for 2019

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EOS (EOS) Roadmap for 2019: What Do We Know About Phase 5 “Cluster Implementation the Future”?

Whitepaper of EOS blockchain project states that EOS.IO is software made with experience with “proven concepts and protocols,” also stating that the main objective of the project is to represent fundamental changes in blockchain technology.

The main focus of EOS is probably the development of decentralized applications, which drove it to the spot of the 5th largest cryptocurrency back in the second quarter of 2018.

However, with the latest dips, EOS with the rest of the market appears to be deeply affected with frequent price cuts where EOS even lost its rank to become the 8th largest cryptocurrency while dealing below 2$ with touching new lows in December.

The object of interest for many EOS holders and enthusiasts is the roadmap for EOS development in 2019, however, there are no clear dates or scheduled events released or revealed regarding the next stage of development for EOS network.

The developmental map implies that it 2019 would be the year when we will learn more about phase number 5 as available on the official roadmap of EOS on ICObench presentation, called Cluster Implementation the Future.

There are no dates for the 5th and apparently the last phase of the development, so here is what is known by far on the EOS roadmap for 2019.

What Do We Know About EOS Roadmap for 2019?

EOS blockchain is operating on EOS.IO software where all major protocols are being conducted by the team called Block.one. Block.one usually works on the most important changes, which means that the devs should accordingly update the roadmap.

However, there is no much information on what is expected from EOS in 2019 as far as development is concerned, at least not in an official manner since there are no officially scheduled events or releases by far.

The 5th phase dubbed Cluster Implementation the Future doesn’t have specific dates, unlike previous stages.

What is known by far regarding future developments for 2019 is only available from individual announcements of Block.one developers, without actual dates of releases and updates.

One of the developments that are said to be waiting to happen is the implementation of inter-blockchain communication which should enable scaling through sidechain, which would make the network more efficient and faster.

Another one of implementations expected in 2019 is also Asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant, otherwise known as aBFT, which should allow the improvements of irreversibility times, allowing direct communication for BPs.

The team is also said to be working on Resource Exchange that should encourage voting and allow token leasing, while it is said that the team will be presenting a new infrastructure with 4% inflation, although it is not yet confirmed whether any of these updates would be completed in 2019.

Steem 2.0 with EOS Also a Part of the Future Plans for Dapp Development

The main point of focus for EOS is the development of decentralized applications, which is probably why the team announced the release of Steem 2.0.

The project is set to promote Dapps and create a massive decentralized social network, as announced approximately 9 months ago, however, the date when the network will become available is not yet available as with the rest of the roadmap 2019 details that might come out at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.


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