EOS (EOS) One of the 30 Newly Announced Coinbase Listing Interests

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EOS (EOS) One of the 30 Newly Announced Coinbase Listing Interests

EOS is probably one of the most prominent projects in the market, skyrocketing back at the beginning of the second quarter of 2018 to take over the spot of the 5th largest cryptocurrency.

Many are prescribing this success of EOS in the market to its developing Dapp platform, where is considered that EOS is one of the cryptocurrencies with features of so-called “Ethereum Killers,” often referring in the same way to NEO (NEO) and as of several months before TRON (TRX) as well.

EOS was announced on December 7th in an official release by Coinbase as one of the 30 currencies which are currently being explored for support.

Coinbase announced earlier in 2018 a crucial change of their listing policies, stating that the main goal of the modification would be to increase the adoption of crypto assets.

With the latest announcement where EOS was mentioned as one of the Coinbase listing interests alongside with XRP and 30 other tokens in total, the exchange stated that they are planning on introducing over 90% of compliant cryptocurrencies as an extended offer to Coinbase users.

EOS Is Being Explored for Support on Coinbase Exchange

EOS is trading at a new low, this time trading below 2$ at the price of 1.70$ with the latest dips as the market keeps on declining driven by bear trends even as the first week of December is coming to an end.

However, a potential price pump comes for EOS in form of an announcement published by Coinbase, one of the greatest exchanges in the cryptocurrency market.

Coinbase announced 30 more new digital assets including EOS, said to be exploring these cryptocurrencies for support on Coinbase.

The newly announced listing interests such as EOS (EOS) and Ripple’s XRP are a part of a new philosophy behind one of the biggest exchanges, which is to list over 90% of compliant digital assets.

The ultimate goal is to speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies and offer a wide range of digital assets for live trading.

However, Coinbase announced that some of these assets, probably based on the level of compliance with the Digital Asset Framework as well as regulations in different countries won’t be available for users, at all or not entirely.

Some assets, although not specified which in particular, will be available only for trading, while sending and receiving from a local wallet would be enabled.

What Coinbase Listing Means for EOS (EOS)?

While EOS seems to have a lot of work to do regarding the yet non-transparent roadmap for 2019, Coinbase listing may act as a price boost for the crypto once the listing is made official.

Coinbase listings always as by rule bring price boosts at least within 24 hours since the official listing takes place, which is why these listings are much appreciated in the crypto community and in the cryptocurrency market.

While EOS might experience price boosts once the listing is made official, the gains indicated by Coinbase might only be short term.

The long-term effects of Coinbase are reflected in the case that EOS will be exposed to a massive user base of Coinbase traders and crypto investors, gaining more chances for adoption.


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