EOS (EOS) First on the Chinese List of Top Cryptocurrencies

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EOS (EOS) First on the Chinese List of Top Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) Downgraded Again

None of the countries exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain or regulating the sector of digital assets and blockchain economy, supportive in oppose to ICOs or not, has an official ranking list of cryptocurrencies.

There are several websites that deal with cryptocurrency ranking where investors and crypto enthusiasts, alongside the official dev teams can track the official ranking of digital assets by market capitalization, however, China has its own cryptocurrency ranking list.

Although known by its rigorous bans against ICOs and cryptocurrencies, the Chinese government issued an official ranking list of cryptocurrencies during May 2o18, ranking 34 top blockchain projects represented by digital assets.

What is interesting regarding these ranking list revisions is that Bitcoin is commonly ranked as an average asset, while often being downgraded by the previously set criteria by the CCID.

China Center of Information Industry Development revises their list of cryptocurrencies every month, while in the latest revision issued on December 21st, EOS (EOS) made it to the top of the list as the top blockchain project in China.

EOS Returns to the List Big Style, Bitcoin Still Degraded

Working under the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Center of Information Industry Development announced a new ranking list of digital assets where Bitcoin, despite being the first digital assets and the top cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is now ranked as the 18th project among the list of 34.   

The basic criteria ha he CCID is ranking digital assets is referring to creativity, underlying technology, and application.

In accordance with the officials from the CCDI, the mentioned requirements are also placing Ethereum (ETH) on the second spot on the Chinese list, while Bitcoin Cash is ranked as 25th of the 34 blockchain projects.

Another interesting fact is that 6 out of 10 top ranked blockchain-based public networks are actually operating on dPOS consensus mechanism, and seven out of the top-ranked platforms are supporting Dapp development, which explains why EOS and Ethereum are ranked as the top two digital assets in China.

In the meanwhile, although highly appreciated as innovative in terms of decentralized application development, EOS recently faced numerous critiques on the question of its alleged centralization as well as having questioned some crucial operations on the network regarding transactions.

At the same time, the creator of EOS (EOS), Daniel Larimer, has another blockchain project BitShares (BTS) currently taking the 7th spot on the CCDI’s ranking list.


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