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EOS (EOS) Ecosystem Said to Be Expanding

EOS (EOS) Ecosystem Said to Be Expanding with the Increasing Number of Dapp Projects and Dapp Users, the dev team behind EOS.IO software where the EOS blockchain is running, claims that the implementation of parallel processing made the network one of the most scalable and most efficient blockchain ecosystems in the market as announced back in October.

Since then the team also shared an update claiming that the network is consequently expanding with the increased number of Dapp projects and users interested in decentralized applications said to be rather choosing EOS over ETH.

Numbers also seem to be talking in favor of EOS project and the development of the network as one of the top Dapp networks among similar blockchain ecosystems, earning the nickname “Ethereum Killer” by fans, investors and holders.

The statistics say that there were 51,000 unique Dapp users on the EOS platform back in October in a single day when the activities were being measured while Ethereum platform managed to record around 15,000 users on the same day.

EOS appears to have continued with scoring more users as one of the top active Dapp platforms, also acquiring scalability solution in form of parallel processing.

EOS Recorded 51,000 Unique Users in a Single Day: Gambling Dapps Recording the Biggest Activity

It appears that regardless of the number of unique Dapp users on Ethereum and EOS platform, that the gambling decentralized applications are the most commonly used among the list of available Dapps on both platforms.

Back in October EOS was able to record 51,000 Dapp users, while on the same day, Ethereum scored 15,000 users, indicating that EOS is progressing in the domain of Dapp development.

Even in December, almost two months later, EOS is recording around 35,000 unique Dapp users across only 5 decentralized applications on the network, which are ranked as the top used. Four out of five, in this case, are actually gambling Dapps.

It is said that gambling Dapps make over 70% of Dapp traffic. Ethereum on the same date in December is recording barely 3,000 of users across the same number of the top used Dapps on the network.

In the case of Ethereum, the targeted number of daily Dapp users is set at above 10,000, showing that the number of Dapp users is dropping from October as well as the price of Ethereum.

At the same time, EOS still manages to keep the number of users at 30,000, although the crypto is also severely affected by the market dips, especially in the last 30 days.

EOS Marking New Sectors under Dapp Development Since the Mainnet Launch with Dan Larimer as their co-founder claims that EOS is marking new sectors among Dapps since the mainnet launch, which means that the niches in Dapp creation are expanding as well.

Some of the added niches are in Privacy and Security, Voting, Healthcare, Data Services, Governance, and Fitness. However, gambling Dapps are still among the most popular.

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