DAX Exchange Lists EOS (EOS) and Ripple’s XRP

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DAX Exchange Lists EOS (EOS) and Ripple’s XRP

Ripple’s XRP and EOS (EOS) got new listings in an announcement made by DAX exchange, a cryptocurrency-based trading platform located on Gibraltar.

EOS lost -89% of its total value since April 2018 when the crypto marked a record price of 22$, which was the time when EOS got past Litecoin (LTC) to take the place of the fifth-largest cryptocurrency.

In the meanwhile, EOS has some of the most popularly used Dapps hosted on EOS network and Ripple’s XRP is still ranked as the 2nd-best currency, listed right after Bitcoin (BTC) while gaining momentum from the latest RippleNet partnerships.

As Ripple is trying to push XRP to mass adoption, and EOS team is looking into increasing the demand for their cryptocurrency through Dapp development and utilization, DAX is said to be contributing to the overall adoption of cryptos through increased exposure.

Iconiq Labs Initiates EOS Listing on DEX Followed by XRP Being Listed

Iconiq is a Venture Capital firm with a strong focus on decentralization, representing an ICO seed wallet generator and a blockchain accelerator for prominent blockchain-based and cryptocurrency projects.

Iconiq is said to work on developing, funding and sourcing blockchain projects, which is why they supported EOS in form of providing a listing for the fifth-largest crypto on DAX exchange.

The CEO of Iconiq, Patrick Lowry, stated on the matter of supporting EOS that they are excited to have sponsored the listing on DAX.

Lowry emphasized that the joint efforts of Iconiq and other relevant companies based on Gibraltar ad working with blockchain, are aiming at bringing more quality cryptos to GBX, like EOS.

Working closely with GBX and Iconiq Labs, Gibraltar Stock Exchange managing director and founder, Nick Cowan, stated that since EOS made a market cap of 2.3 billion dollars during 2018, the crypto represents a “noteworthy” addition to the ecosystem of GBX and DAX, concluding that everyone knows what is EOS (EOS).

The founder further stated that EOS will not only be exposed to new potential investors on DAX, but will be traded in a secure and trusted environment operating under regulations of Gibraltar.

What is important to note is that the exchange was fully regulated back in November 2018, allowed to work with decentralized assets under the law applicable in Gibraltar.

XRP and EOS Become a Part of a Regulated Ecosystem with DAX Exchange

Nick Cowan further went on to say that the team behind GBX, DAX, Iconiq and cooperative firms are working on promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption through offering access to what he described as the “best digital assets,” adding that their “highly regulated exchange” remains in the heart of everything they do.

Previously, DAX exchange was launched back in February 2018 with a successful ICO where they have managed to raise around 27 million dollars during the initial sale of DAX tokens.

The exchange later on received a full license and became regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar, which the team can now use as one of their main advantages as they can offer listings in a trusted, secure and regulated environment.


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