Crypto Den and PLAAK Partnership Enhance Adoption of XVG

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Crypto Den and PLAAK Partnership Enhance Adoption of XVG: Verge NFC and Hardware Wallet the Result

Several days before Christmas, Verge foundation announced a partnership with PLAAK and Crypto Den.

Verge (XVG) although having a troublesome time in the market during the frequent bear trends, represents one of the blockchain projects with the greatest number of partnerships, while the co-founder of Crypto Den stated that he believes in the power that Verge has in bringing new partners to the cryptosphere.

This “ability” as the Crypto Den co-founder describes it, made them connect Verge foundation with PLAAK.

Ultimately, this joint partnership brought Verge to possibilities of enhanced adoption.

XVG Debit Card Deal Still Pending: Verge Gets its NFC and Bluetooth Hardware Wallet in the Meanwhile

One of the biggest supporters of Verge foundation and XVG, TokenPay (TPAY) announced their support for XVG in their endeavor that included buying a bank in Munich which would allow TokenPay to issue their own cryptocurrency-charged debit cards.

As promised in the announcement that came with the MindGeek partnership back at the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, TokenPay stated that Verge (XVG) is to become the first crypto asset to get its own debit card, while Litecoin (LTC) soon entered the deal with Charlie Lee set to become the next in line for the debit card deal.

The deal is supposed to enhance the adoption of XVG and all the future supported digital assets, however, months afterward the deal is still pending.

In the meanwhile, XVG gets another shot for increasing the odds for mass adoption through the most recently announced partnership with PLAAK and Crypto Den which led the cryptocurrency to the new multi-featured wallet.

The wallet is already available for purchase on Crypto Den while the new wallet, as stated by Verge representatives has an improved security and an instinctive user-friendly interface, said to have been made in advanced biometric technology and a high-quality UX.

Ultimately, this combination should increase the chances for mass adoption for XVG, consequently affecting the general demand for the crypto.

As noted by the head of the Project Management, it is refreshing to see the lack of animosity between blockchain startups, instead seeing a useful collaboration that has the objective of resulting in mass adoption of digital assets.

The Joint Partnership Wishes to Demonstrate Cryptocurrency Supremacy

In the official announcement that came out from Verge foundation representatives on December 23rd, the NFC and Bluetooth hardware wallet is said to have a goal of showcasing supremacy of cryptocurrency over fiat “despite the belief (outside the cryptoverse) that the cryptocurrency is dead”.

The co-founder and Technology Co-CEO at PLAAK supports the efforts of their companies to educate the public on digital currencies through the promotion of the latest hardware wallet by stating that cryptocurrencies allow the financial freedom of being your own bank.


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