Changpeng Zhao Confirms XRP to Be Added as a Base Pair to Binance

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Changpeng Zhao Confirms XRP to Be Added as a Base Pair to Binance

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market, Binance, wished Merry Christmas in one of his latest posts as tweeted on December 24th.

What came with the festive tweet was the announcement that XRP is to become a quote currency for several trading pairs.

The CEO of Binance, known as CZ on Twitter didn’t specify the exact date, also missing on mentioning which trading pairs should XRP get as a base currency.

The first man of Binance exchange also stated that the new pairs for Ethereum (ETH) will be added under “ALTS” as the UI is said to be running out of space, sharing the announcement in order to avoid confusion.

XRP is Becoming a Base Currency on Binance with the Upcoming Trading Pairs

It appears that a lot has changed for XRP since the team behind the crypto announced that xRapid is arriving to potentially replace xCurrent, which is a commonly used cross-border payment system across banks and institutions declared as Ripple’s partners.

Since the announcement, XRP had seen a spike even outside the bull trends back in September, while the crypto managed to take the place of the second-largest cryptocurrency during the major dip back in mid-November.

It also seems that the demand for XRP is rising as Binance had been receiving numerous messages in their inbox with users and holders asking the exchange to list he second-largest crypto as a base currency.

Changpeng Zhao, CZ on Twitter, even replied to one of such requests earlier, to a Twitter user named “IzombieXRP” stating “be careful what you wish for”.

As it appears Changpeng Zhao’s reply was actually a hint since the CEO of Binance made it official that XRP is to become quote crypto on the exchange.

XRP Fans and Holders Excited by the Latest Announcement

Many were profoundly surprised by the announcement so one of the Twitterati even asked if the tweet was an early April fools’ joke.

CZ relied ha even on April fools, he wouldn’t dare make such a distasteful joke on the matter of listing an asset as a base currency with new trading pairs.

Ripple’s crypto is already progressing in the market with the latest bull run, going up by 44% in the last seven days, while managing to collect a favorable set of daily gains as well even outside the announcement from Binance and Changpeng CZ.

Some users on Twitter even claimed that the initial announcement is more valuable than getting a listing on Coinbase for XRP, as it appears that Binance might become the top favorite exchange of XRP holders and investors.

Binance is one of the top exchange markets and also the top exchange by the number of daily trading volumes.

The exchange had listed over 400 different digital assets, thus representing one of the biggest global platforms for cryptocurrency trading.

At the same time, Binance is ranked as the top exchange on the list of all crypto markets according to Coin Market Cap, recording over 18 billion dollars of trading volumes in the last 30 days alone, which can also benefit XRP as the future base coin on the top exchange. 


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