Cardano Version 1.4 to Be Released Soon

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Cardano Version 1.4 to Be Released Soon: Charles Hoskinson Shares Great Expectations for Cardano in 2019

Although Cardano (ADA) is having a rough time in the market with recording drops by over -5% in the last seven days, foundations working on Cardano updates and improvements are said to be showing a major progress.

That is how Charles Hoskinson, the head of IOHK and the founder of Cardano (ADA) released an announcement on Twitter, starting that then team finally has the exact date for the release of the version 1.4.

Hoskinson stated that there was a huge amount of QA work needed to be done and that it took seven release candidates in order to make Cardano version 1.4 happen.

Hoskinson further added that the team now has the exact date when the latest version update will be released, also thanking supporters for their patience.

Cardano Version 1.4 to Be Released in Several Days, Nano Ledger Support Still Scheduled for December

The first man of Cardano (ADA) and the team IOHK shared some updates on the latest development of Cardano network and ADA where he also mentioned that the test net has been released and that the latest version 1.4 should be out any time.

Further on December 13th, a week later, Hoskinson shared the date for the release, announcing version 1.4 to be out on December 18th, which is only several days away from the time of the original announcement.

Cardano supporters and Hoskinson’s Twitter followers shared their enthusiasm about the latest release, mostly commenting that “quality takes time.”

Hoskinson also added that Daedalus wallet users will get an in-client update for the wallet, during the next week, which is only several days after the initial release of version 1.4.

One of the followers asked Hoskinson about Nano Ledger support, where ADA founder replied that the ledger support is not up to the team working on Cardano 1.4, adding that IOHK is working with Emurgo and Vacuum labs in order to be able to “clean the CF mess.”

Hoskinson concluded his message by adding that the teams will make a dedicated statement after the release of 1.4.

Hoskinson Shares Great Expectations for ADA and Cardano in 2019

Hoskinson shares great expectations for Cardano and ADA in 2019 by stating that Cardano will become a powerhouse moving into 2019.

Not only that the teams are working on new updates, but Cardano Council is also getting new members, introducing the new specialists from Cardano ecosystem.

By welcoming Manmeet Singh as the new CIO of Emurgo, Nathan Kaiser, the general counsel of IOHK, and Domino Burki as the managing partner of Du Lac Capital to the Cardano Council, Hoskinson adds that the new members are set to strengthen the council.

The community also shared their excitement by adding that Cardano “finally” elected an exceptional board.


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