Cardano Ambassador Program Announced for Community Contributors

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Cardano Ambassador Program Announced for Community Contributors

Only a single day before IOHK released papers for the new Proof of Stake algorithm that suggest sidechains as the best solution for acquiring interoperability and scalability, the team behind ADA revealed Cardano Ambassador Program.

As announced on December 30th by Maki Mukai from IOHK, the program was made for community contributors that “work an extra mile” in helping around Cardano project. 

Within the initial announcement of Cardano Ambassador Program, the creators of the program have already announced the required roles that should help support the community.

ADA Community Gains Acknowledgement from Team IOHK

Cardano (ADA) is one of blockchain projects known to have a major support from their community, also said to have some of the most patient and most faithful supporters, so it seems that IOHK managed to recognize these efforts.

As Maki Mukai stated within the original announcement, the team wants to acknowledge the good work being done by the community, while it will also help them recognize top contributors.

At the same time, the Ambassador Program will help raise awareness on Cardano project and ADA as the project will be promoted around the world by contributors.

Mukai described Cardano Ambassadors as people who are able to provide consistent, regular and positive contributions to Cardano and Cardano community, where general tasks of such position would be organizing meetups or helping with translating releases, documents and general information on Cardano.

All interested community members can nominate their favorite candidate for Cardano Ambassadors on the official page made especially for this case, Ambassador Page, while community members can also suggest themselves as Ambassador candidates.

On the official Ambassador page, the team emphasizes that is very important to note that the status of Cardano Ambassador is something that needs to be earned as Cardano believes in decentralization.

The team also identifies four different Cardano Ambassador roles, sharing details on how voters from the community can recognize a potential candidate that would fit any of the required roles.

Cardano Community Should Vote for Most Prominent Contributors

As described on the Ambassadors page Cardano is looking for content creators, moderators, translators and meetup organizers.

The potential candidate for the Ambassador program in any of the listed field should have contributed in some way to Cardano community or is interested in doing so.

Whichever the case, present position holders and the future candidates will be reviewed each month by Cardano Ambassador team, whereas a more active candidate can take over the place of the previous candidate.

All information on how you can become an official Cardano Ambassador is listed on Ambassador page on alongside nomination form where you can vote for an interesting candidate from the community or nominate yourself.


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