Cardano (ADA) Recording Increased Media Attention in Japan

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Cardano (ADA) Recording Increased Media Attention in Japan

Cardano (ADA) must be one of the most influential blockchain-based projects in the market, led by the team of scientists and maintained by three different development teams, Emurgo, IOHK, and Cardano, each focusing on the general progress and development of the project.

Cardano is also aiming at becoming a third-generation cryptocurrency, which means that ADA will have to obtain scalability, interoperability, and sustainability, while the team is already working on solutions that are set to bring interoperability on a highly scalable network.

In the meanwhile, the general plan of Cardano foundation is to bring ADA to adoption as the project is developing, and media attention, of course, can do good more than harm.

As a part of a foundational technology and a growing cryptocurrency trends, Cardano appeared on two Japan’s national televisions, raising awareness on the project and cryptocurrencies in general throughout the region.

ADA’s Charles Hoskinson Appears Broadcasted on a Japanese Television in “Capitalism – the Desire of 2019”

The founder of ADA and the CEO of the team IOHK appeared on a national Japanese television called BS1 in a documentary called “Capitalism – the Desire of 2019”.

The plot of the documentary didn’t specifically follow the development and progress of Hoskinson’s public blockchain project, Cardano, but is rather talking about the evolution of capitalism and the development of payment systems.

Hoskinson got a chance to talk about the significance of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), stating in the documentary that Bitcoin showed people that belief doesn’t have to be given to them by the government or anyone else for that matter, as if you don’t like something – payment systems for instance – you just make it better.

The first man of ADA also pointed out the fact that there are around 3 billion people in the world that can’t get insurance or credit, or are unable to get a funding for starting their own business in order to be able to make a progress.

He concludes that decentralized ecosystems are thus important, as anyone can have “access to the same markets that Bill Gates has access to,” which is why blockchain platforms are thought of as foundational and progressive.

Cardano (ADA) Appears on Japan’s NHK TV Channel as a “Scientific and a Reliable Project”

The Japanese BS1 wasn’t the only TV channel in the country that mentioned Cardano in a positive light as another national television, called NHK, mentioned Cardano as a reliable project led by scientists, also describing Cardano as an active community project.

Additionally, Cardano recently released the latest version, Cardano 1.4 that brought resolutions for previously discovered bugs and major network connectivity issues, also releasing the official documentation for the anticipated Proof of Work.

Besides from Ethereum project (ETH), Cardano is another one of blockchain top project as interested in transitioning from PoW algorithm to Proof of Stake.

The main focus in the PoS papers is set on building sidechains which should introduce interoperability to the network, as the upcoming algorithm should be a major milestone for Cardano project and a big step for cryptos in general. 


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