Cardano (ADA) Project Made the Greatest Number of Commits in 2018

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Cardano (ADA) Project Made the Greatest Number of Commits in 2018

What may come as a surprise at first is the fact that the top-rated cryptocurrencies by market capitalization according to Coin Market Cap, are not at the same time the most actively developed blockchain projects in the market.

However, ranked as 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Cardano makes a positive exception by making the greatest number of commits during 2018, which means Cardano is the most actively developed blockchain-based project among its crypto peers.

Following activity of Cardano dev teams, the second most developed cryptocurrency project in the market is Argur (REP) according to data found on CoinCodeCap.

Cardano the Most Actively Developed Blockchain Project in 2018

Development of any public blockchain project can be tracked through Git Hub commits. Commits represent revisions to the system of blockchain platforms, where a file or a group of files are being updated and changed.

Git Hub allows these changes to be tracked in terms of listing the contributor and the time of the update, so anyone can know who made a certain revision to the network and at what time it was made.

This is the case because Git Hub creates unique ID for every commit, called “hash” or “SHA,” while these commits usually come with a message describing the change that has been made.

While Cardano represents the most actively developed blockchain project for 2018, ranked as 11th largest crypto, Bitcoin (BTC), for instance, takes the 52nd place on the list of most actively developed projects in 2018.

Still, the fact that Bitcoin doesn’t have an official dev team and that the development of the top cryptocurrency is practically on halt doesn’t seem to be affecting Bitcoin’s ranking in the market by capitalization.

According to Gaurav Agrawal from CoinMonks, a proper path of development for all cryptocurrency should first be focused on tech development and making commits, which will gradually lead to the creation of value, followed by mass adoption and money flowing in as a consequence.

Charles Hoskinson, the first man of IOHK and the founder of Cardano (ADA) also stated on several occasions that the value of cryptocurrency projects shouldn’t be limited and focused on the capitalization in the market, but rather on the technical value of the project.

Cardano First Among the Top Five Most Actively Developed Projects, Ethereum (ETH) Gets its Spot on the Top List

Following Cardano’s development, Argur (REP) is the second project with the greatest number of commits.

0x (ZRX) that gained the increased momentum once Coinbase added ZRX to their list of trading cryptocurrencies takes the 3rd place, while Ethereum represents the fourth most actively developed public blockchain network, followed by Lisk (LSK).

Cardano made a total of 45,758 commits from January 2018 to December the same year with collecting 5,756 stars across the total number of updates.

Even though Ethereum had less commits than ADA, recording 15,617 revisions for the same period of time, ETH project finished the year with 84,419 stars in total, additionally having the largest number of contributors, 2,971, in oppose to Cardano’s 594 according to CoinCodeCap that still managed to score the largest number of commits. 


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